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The Tuck Shop @ Guillemard Road

~Invited Tasting~


I only got acquainted with Guillemard Road because of CHAR and probably made a mental note to visit The Tuck Shop. Not to be confused with a ton of other places with "tuck shop" in its name, this is by no means related to the Raffles Place outlet or any other cafes, they are a stand alone and this is their first store.


Loving the smart usage of these metal tins to double us as tables.


For some strange reason, the decor of cafe toilets always fascinate me. The arty folks always have something different to say.


Even the area outside the restrooms look so pretty!


Worthy mentions, indeed. I loved the whole rustic feel of the place and thoughtfully put together corners like these.


The last remnants of SG50. National Day, infact.


Bar counter seats for a one-on-one with the bartender when nightfalls.



Kiwi Pisang Smoothie ($7.50)

Local favourites like Kaya Butter Kopi and Bandung Latte make its way into their beverage menu. Kiwi usually strikes me as an in between a sweet and sour fruit and this combination was a winner, tasting just like yakult I found my childhood in it.


Chilli scrambled eggs with fresh crab  ($20)
Chilli scrambled eggs, fresh crab, cake, rocket, crispy mantou

It must have been the recent obsession with chilli crab pasta that influenced the order. I could have been hoping for a fiery egg version stuffed with crab. And there was none of that, except for the crispy mantou that made it taste like chilli crab. The crispy corn croquettes were delish and truly, was just scrambled eggs with crab and fried mantou.


The Tuckshop Breakfast of Champions (for meat lovers and the hungover) ($24)
Wagyu steak, fried eggs, bacon, jumbo pork sausage, hash brown, artisanal toast

The presentation brought a smile so wide.


Laid out to impress, the portions did at least.


Food aside, the folks at The Tuck Shop have a series of coffee cupping classes coming up! Prices start from $69.


We had the privilege of attending a coffee cupping session with The Coffee Guy!


First up, pour boiling water onto the beans and coffee powder.


Let them foam like cupcake tops.


Remove the grit.


Leaving a relatively clearer coffee remnants.


Take a whiff and a loud slurp to fully taste the coffee's tasting notes.


The Tuck Shop
403 Guillemard Road

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