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The Exchange Revisited @ Asia Square

~Invited Session~


The CBD crowd is no stranger to The Exchange at Asia Square, in fact their ladies nights are sell out affairs - amongst both the men and women. Even on a Thursday early evening it was this packed and I suppose hump day is a legit reason to turn on the taps!


Well for the unknown, they do swing their doors open for lunch.


Wall of fame, not quite but it does feature a number of snaps of the financial district worldwide.



Truffle Parmesan Fries ($14)

I find these a must in any bar food menu, easy to share and order seconds of because fried food and booze always go hand in hand.


Thyme Marinated Lamb Skewers ($16)
Mint Yogurt

One of those things about pub grub is, they have to be easy to eat. I have struggled with large portions of food that sit around, turn cold and we end up wasting most of it because eating over drinks is a different ball game compared to a sit down meal.

Skewers are the next easiest things to eat in a bar, keep to the stick and there is not tug of war with the chopsticks or forks trying to get them from the bowl into the mouth.


Chilli Prawns ($16)
Garlic Bread

Slightly trickier with the garlic bread and chilli prawns, I thought this reminded me of chilli crab. Fried mantous would have upped the stakes on satisfaction methinks.



Thina, the cocktail charmer was here to concoct the slew of cocktails for the night.


Watching a bartender work is as therapeutic as watching a seamstress sew a dress, both are beyond me trying to create an art piece.


Chocolate Passion Martini
Stoli premium vodka, cacao white, Bailey’s, low fat fresh milk

Not the prettiest of hearts, but that is really the reason why barristas and bartenders are not the same person.


"Artesian" Apple Martini
Stoli Premium Vodka, Sour Green Apple Liquer, Fresh Green Apple

I usually start with apple martinis for that slow pickup, this tastes like juice and not like a cocktail.


"Fruity" Lychee Martini
Stoli Premium Vodka, Bols Lychee, Lychee Juice

The ever hot favourite amongst ladies, this is way friendlier than a cosmo or classic martini. Fruits and vegetables form a balanced diet? I'd gladly include this for fruit.


"Alpha" Melon Martini
Stoli Premium Vodka, Midori, Pineapple Juice

I first had this in a Japanese bar and never looked back. It rivals lychee martini for fruity though the cherry is a poor ornament for it.


Looks like....coconut!


Coco Loco "Friday"
Stoli premium vodka, malibu rum and coconut water

Seeing double after all the boozing? This smooth number is coconut water spiked with alcohol and comes across very tropical.


“1901” Sundown
Stoli premium vodka infused in Chrysamthemum, druim buie and lime juice

The only creation with flowers infused, chrysanthenum is light and almost hard to discern.


Stoli Vodka for the night, the bartender concocted his own honey cinnamon vodka for usage in the next creation.


“Stoli” Spring Break
Stoli premium vodka infused with honey and cinnamom, drum bui and lime juice

I like this best, for its citrusy and sweet finish. Like Spring, it brings hope and all things good.




“Latvia” Lemon Drop
Stoli premium vodka, cointreau, galliano, lime juice

The threatrics of lighting up a lemon peel and lacing this with brown sugar made this perfect for the showstopper, arriving in style and being the absolute attention grabber.


“Russian” Cosmo
Stoli premium vodka, cointreau, fresh lime juice, and cranberry juice

This was a take on the Cosmopolitan that found its fame in Sex and the City, pretty to look at and gorgeous to be seen with but I would recommend checking out their other flavours too.


I leave you with a parting shot of the charming Thina entertaining us with his juggling tricks. Catch him in action daily or just head down to their newly launched Elite Fridays that sees 1-for-1 house pours, San Miguel beer deals and two different local female DJs playing up the heat to welcome the weekend!

The Exchange
Asia Square

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