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Old Habits Cafe @ Telok Blangah Rise

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Telok Blangah Estate is another of those heartlander areas that has seen the invasion of cafes. Unlike the other more well known estates like Tiong Bahru and even Bedok, Old Habits is one of the few that up the hip factor of the estate. Infact, when I visited at almost 10pm, I was half suspecting the shutters were mid way down.


These toys were spotted at the entrance and don't they bring back childhood memories?


The parents remember seeing these in their early working days and good grief, thank god for laptops and keyboards these days, the days of liquid paper and noisy typing are thankfully a thing of the past.

Let the pictures bring you on a tour around the  really cosy retro cafe, one that would bring back memories for so many generations.


I spied these gold smith reciepts on the wall and though they were not dated too long ago - in the 1980's only!


I definitely do not belong to the age where Carlsberg Beer was red!


Heaps of knick knacks that would make any hoarder so happy.


I remember my Grandparents' house having a wooden cabinet resembling one of these.


Jurassic Park?


Now, these resonate with me. Pooh and Mickey!


I somehow think this chef and cake would have appeared at Jack's Place first and subsequently at any other confectioner's.



Chupa chups in these containers are so mama-shop-ish.



Run by a husband and wife duo, they try their hardest even during crowded times to maintain that smile and boy, I do love that handwritten sign on the light box.


Gotta love the olden day signages! So simple and straight forward.


I was fascinated by the goodies they sealed in the tables, pager days alluded me but I remember those flip phones!


The ingenious sewing machine table transformed into a dining table!


Iced Americano ($4)


Yuan Yang ($6)

Cold Yuan Yang had to be something new, just like iced Horlicks.


Coconut Kueh and Vanilla Icecream ($5.60)

 The coconut kueh had a certain fluffiness and studded with grated coconut, it was fragrant and very moist. I loved the chewiness of the icecream and for a fact, would return just for the icecream.

A quaint and cosy place that has alot to offer down one's memory lane and appeals to generations. I will be back to check out the main menu.

Old Habits Boutique and Cafe
38 Telok Blangah Rise #01-315

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