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MEATLiquor @ Duxton Hill


MEATLiquor lights up Duxton Hill like a brothel in a non-red light district. It's flashy, loud and has an underground vibe going on - bouncers included. While I will not be quick to classify their lady waitresses as bouncers, that was a the impression gotten before I get shown to my table, sandwiched between others. Fine, it is a Friday, it is goddamned crowded and be thankful I even get a table without reservations.


Lighting is almost too loud with pink and orange hues almost clouding over everything - table, chairs and even the artwork is equally attention grabbing. Do not expect photogenic shots unless you are dining during lunch time or are willing to flash the external lights in the face of disapproving diners.


The menu is a simple one pager for food and equally simple for drinks. Being the gluttons we are, we ordered an item off each category so I can walk out saying - I have covered all ground.


Word has it that this franchise hails from London, and while I have heard about the Fish and Chips, Lobster Rolls and even London High Tea, little has been known about their burgers. And so its London owners selling American styled burgers from a fast food truck first and then expanding into a full fledged bar and restaurant.


Meat. Word that. 


We get left alone to our devices for a decently long while before our tray of fast food gets plonked down, canteen style. The noise levels are simply too loud to hold a conversation, so thank god for a smart phone.


Or if taking passport photos is part of your idea of killing boredom, feel free to explore. 


Maybe ceiling starring is good enough to bring on a headache.


All systems down, for the biggest and greasiest feast, or so I thought.


Accompany on a gastronomical treat, will ya?


Shambal Fries ($10)
French Fries, Sort of Sambal Sauce, Fried Egg, Crispy Onions

Nice work on the pun-y dish name but that was as much of a sham as it sounds. Sham for the locals who know what real sambal tastes like and hiding behind an ambiguous "soft of sambal sauce" does not even save this dish. Normal french fries piled with a fried egg, a ton of fried onions and an non-distinctive sauce. Yeah, I finally categorized it as a sauce.

First impressions gone with the wind, I was definitely not impressed. I would opt for a power packed sambal ikan bilis in a heart beat.


Chicken Nero Salad ($22)
Fried Chicken Breast, Romaine Lettuce, Spring Onions, Shaved Parmesan, Wine Picked Grapes, Dry Cure Bacon, Nero Dressing

Whatever Nero dressing meant, it tasted like a cross between sour cream and tartare sauce. Loved the chunky fried chicken breasts, I was not huge on the romaine lettuce nor grapes in my salad. How about just selling the fried chicken on its own?


Chilli Dog ($18)
Smoked Beef Frank, Chilli, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, Jalepenos, French's Mustard

Hot dogs can hardly go bad, in fact, I muse at the fact that IKEA's $1 hot dogs can give me $2 worth of satisfaction with a freeplay on mustard, chilli and even ketchup. Now this $18 buckeroo dog, somehow failed to give me even $18 of happiness. There was too much going on without all coming together nicely.

There is a Triple Chilli Challenge going for a brave soul willing to chow down a Chilli Dog, Cheese Fries and Cheese Burger all in 10 minutes. Well, if I had to chug it all down and not remembering a taste, it would be for frivolity's sake.


Dead Hippie ($22)
Two Mustard Fried Beeg Patties, Dead Hippie Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Minced White Onions


Last but not the very least, the grissly and very oily looking dead hippie. Verdict - I will not waste calories on this ever again, the patties were lacking in bite, all of a mush and it is a pity that grabbing it with my hands landed me with an over moisturizing hand spa.

Food seems to take a beating when the restaurant has many things going right, maybe drinks, maybe the ambience, and even the location. Empty vessels make the most noise, in this case.

99 Duxton Road

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