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Maldivian Air: Male - Gan Island - Male

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Resort transfers in Maldives is supposed to be easy - at least for travellers who fly in and head to their resorts straight. For us, it took a bit more effort coordinating with the resort and finding the representative if the resort does not have a booth.

Shangrila's rep finally met us in between the path from international and domestic terminal and thereafter, everything was a breeze. Even our check in was done on our behalf!


A seemingly less crowded domestic terminal.


With our flight at 930am, we actually checked in slightly after 9 and still made it. Which brings me to the next point, why can't our budget airlines be more flexible?


Walking to my plane and taking that flight of stairs up seems so 80s.


It was a commercial flight that supposedly had full service, or so I thought when they gave our these refreshing towels. We had the priviledge of seating facing everyone, an experience that is completely new to me even for a private jet.


After several bouts of turbulences and waiting for the drink service to start, it finally did after almost 45 minutes into the supposed 60 minute ride.


I had these chips to thank, safely packed into our hand luggage to silence those hunger pangs miles up in mid air.


Apple juice and water to make sense of our so called commercial flight. I would have expected some nuts at least!


Q300, thank you for the tumultuous ride, I am so glad to reach paradise amidst rain and in a piece. On the way back, there was a further stopover at another place before hitting Male City hence we had to board the plane at 7am for a 1pm international flight.

It was times like these that I wished I booked a resort a speedboat away from the airport!


This time, I had enough time to read the notices they placed in the pocket - a guide for chinese citizens holidaying in Maldives. Very basic knowledge and etiquette expected of any traveller but I suppose some black sheep would have cost the whole colony this.


This time round, I opted for a mango juice with gummy texture.

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