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Lighthouse Bistro @ Jelicoe Road

~Invited Session~


Lighthouse Bistro has undergone revamping and is back with a brand new menu and retrofitting. With a swankier surrounding, Lighthouse Bistro is finally back. It aims to be a dining enclave for those seeking a fine dining experience at pocket friendly prices.


I have to say amongs the first few things that catch my attention is cutlery, the kind of attention paid by the team to details and the customer's dining experience.



Salmon's Milk Bath ($10)
Gently Poached Organic Salmon in Milk and Light Cream Broth, Chilli, Ginger, Bok Choy, Enoki Mushrooms


This sweetened milk bath was a pleasant and subdued entree, with mild hints of ginger and chilli serenading the poached salmon. Gentle on the palette and easy to like.


North American Scallops ($15)
Tom Yum Cauliflower Puree, Grilled Squid, Tomatoes, Garden Salad

An accidental creation by the chef who decided to spike the cauliflower puree with tom yum and that was quite a treat! The grilled squids were quite something to pay attention to - tender and uber delicious.


Fishermen's Board ($18)
Platter for two, Atlantic Tiger Prawns, Squid, Black Mussels, Crumbed Dory


This is great for sharing and is considerably filling with a ton of seafood showcased. My favourites include squid (once again, they do this best of the range of seafood) and crumbed dory that came with a delectable orange mayo.


East Atlantic Sea Perch ($23)
Garlic Mash Potatoes, French Beans, Capsicum Sauce

Grilled till edges are crispy, the slab of sea perch was flaky and went well with the equally delish capsicum sauce.


Tiger Fish and Fries ($19)
Pacific Sea Bass, Tiger Beer Batter, Nori Potato Fries, Orange Mayo


Well this is thankfully not a #SG50 creation even though they did pay homage to the occasion with Tiger Beer. Incredibly crispy batter coating around the succulent sea bass and those nori fries, I was a happy camper!


Malaysian Angel Hair ($17)
Tiger Prawns, Squid, Black Mussels, Spicy Sambal

They took dishes into their own hands with local twists for this one - tasting somewhat like tauhu goreng, this Malaysian-Italian creation was missing some fire but still delicious.


Rangers Valley Black Onyx Angus  ($39)
Striploin, Potato Risotto, Turkey Bacon Crisps, Foie Gras, Red Wine Sauce

The folks at Lighthouse Bistro have upped the stakes on their steak literally - going for more premium cuts like a striploin served with foie gras. One decadent grill paired with a clever potato risotto.


Salted Chocolate and Caramel ($13)
French Chocolate, 72% Cocoa Chocolate Mousse, Creamy Caramel

Chocolate lovers rejoice over this extra smooth and scrummilicious combination of sweet and savoury, I liked the balance and cookie crumbles.


PP. Lighthouse Cake ($10)
Banana Cake, Coconut Icecream, Cookie Crumble

This goes a long way to a lighthouse located on Pulau Pisang that actually belongs to Singapore! Indulge in a fluffy banana cake studded with bananas, one that in my opinion is worth the calories.

Liquid desserts also exist in milkshakes and alcohol laced cocktails.


Kit Kat Milkshake ($10)

Toblerone ($21)
Frangelico Hazelnut, Kahlua, Baileys and Milk, Ferrero Roche

Be spoilt for choice because both appealed so much, and if their dessert courses do not appeal, their liquid ones will.



If all fails, ask for a wine pairing with your dishes and be in for some good recommendations. 

With Horne Road getting a tad too cluttered with cafes and coffee joints, Lighthouse Bistro is a breath of fresh air.

Lighthouse Bistro
75 Jelicoe Road

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