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Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street

~Invited Session~


Joo Bar nestled in Tan Quee Lan Street probably would strike as another bar with its furnishings. One would hardly guess that it is a Korean Tapas and Bar concept and brought to us by the folks behind Sticky!


Enter and make your way to this marble counter for a tipple made just for you. Or hang around the tall tables for pub grub.


Proceed upstairs for better lighting and cosier dining options.


Leather and wood, two favourites in a single dining set. It is a pity comfort is not ranked high for these pieces.


So very conveniently located buzzer for assistance - diners on the second and third floor cannot complain about being ignored.


Easy to comprehend menu with enough choices to make the fickle confused. The drinks menu does appear to be more exhaustive than their food though. Hoorah for the drinkers.



Banchan of pickled radish, potato macaroni salad and dried cuttlefish to kickstart my korean meal. The best thing about banchans is, they are usually refillable and if I wanted to feast on them all night alongside my drinks, I can.


Baby Eel Paper ($14)

Whoever decided to name this baby eel paper probably took the literal sense of the dish, which I would very much prefer to have it as white fish.


Not as crunchy as fried white fish would be, these were more chewy and I loved that citrusy hint.


Tofu Chips with Guacamole and Homemade Salsa ($14)

Who would've thought that chips could be made from tofu and be passed off tasting nothing like its origins.


Guacamole and salsa was such a toothsome combination, I would not mind trading my fries for these tofu chips.


Grilled Mangalisa Belly ($25)

Next to chicken wings, grilled pork belly is the next most popular Korean dish these days. Unlike our sio bak, these grilled bellies are slightly crispy on the edges and has a braised tendency.


Handchopped Korean Minced Rib Steak ($20)

I somehow like my steak as it is as opposed to minced, and strangely the texture was odd for me. Not my idea of the best way to enjoy steak.


Warm Kimchi with Tofu and Spam ($16)

I always rejoice when spam is served - my favourite yet definitely not the healthiest childhood comfort food to indulge in. Tofu and spam with a marinated pork belly, this cannot get any more korean than this.


Grilled Squid

I found this slightly rubbery despite its oil glistened exterior.



Maekgoli made in house is Joo Bar's pride, home made with rice, wheat and nuruk. Theirs comes in a platter of 5 with a variety of flavours to suit any tastebud. Personally I favoured the fruity ones over the original.


And if the night permits and you are up for some fun, do order the frozen citron tea margarita made with the uber light Hite beer!


Take a deep sip before the bartender playfully plonks in the bottle to complete the challenge.


Take the night to sip away or down it like a flaming lambo and be guaranteed for a lightheaded night ahead!

Joo Bar is possibly the only Korean Tapas and Bar around Bugis, a smart move I say to be away from the over saturated Tanjong Pagar district.

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street

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