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Ippudo Express @ Shaw Center

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Ippudo was one the talk of town for its neverending queues - well come to think of it, I have not heard of a Japanese ramen place without a queue. Except, Ippudo's was exceptional. Queues could have waned today but they have other dining options for those who prefer a fussfree experience. Ippudo Express finds home at Shaw Center and located so near the carpark, I am sure this solves the problem of deciding what to eat for many drivers.


At slightly past 2pm on a weekend, this was relatively empty and we scored seats almost immediately.


No visit is complete without ordering their ramen, stringy and almost tasting just like wanton mee. I lose my case against handmade noodle - it is hard to draw the line between handmade wanton noodle and ramen noodle that tastes just like that. Liked the pork bone broth to slurp it up without being nudged and in its simplicity, this cloudy broth actually tasted really good on its own.


Nevermind if it did not come with the side of braised pork, bamboo shoots and the usual staple of a braised egg with molten innards.

They were running a bunch of otsunami deals at just $6, the auntie in me said - must try!


Crab Frits ($6)

Deepfried Japanese mini crabs, these would have been sublime with beer but otherwise really tasty and meaty!


Beef Tataki ($6)

Prime beef slices dressed in shoyu and freshly grated yuzu topped with seaweed and sesame seeds. Not the best tasting beef tataki but for six buckeroos, I will be damned if I complain.


Ippudo Original Salad ($12)
Chef's special dressing

I hardly raved about salads this much but this was so fresh and that special dressing made the salad different from the rest of the off the counter creations. Comes with crispy chips and tofu.

Ippudo Express
1 Scotts Road #04-22 /23 

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