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Summer Unagi Festival @ Mikuni, Fairmont Singapore

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From 20 July to 7 August 2015, Mikuni played host to the annual Summer Unagi Festival and diners like myself quickly booked seats. It was my first attempt at an Unagi Festival and truth be told, I am not quite an eel fan and was completely sold on the Kagoshima Beef that probably got me weak in the knees, gut and then mind. Perhaps they should really have a Beef festival and I would find my name on the dining list on more than one day.


I always pick dining at the robatayaki counter over teppanyaki or even the main dining hall. Whether its for the theatrics of my robata orders or the full view of all the fresh catch infront of me, the dining experience is always different.


While the festival is already over, I'd love to remember that visit with an entry - a meal to remember.


Prawn crackers at Mikuni always gets me very greedy, it is a wonder how they manage to replicate a greasy cracker and interpret it such a delicate manner!


Sake at Mikuni for the first time and Kimoto Daiginjo ($160) was recommended for its fragrance and sweetness.


I seem to have a penchant for pretty cups after that sake session at Han's and was mildly disappointed when there was none of that this time.


And bottoms up, I said of that merry evening.


Chef's Seasonal Selection - 3 kinds of zensai
Barbecued Eel Jelly, Smoked Salmon Yuzu, Eel Yahata Maki Burdock, Crispy Eel Bone


I can never fault the presentation of dishes at Japanese restaurants, much less Mikuni. This was definitely an art piece that looked too pretty to eat. Eel tamago was presented in a rolled mushroom omelette form and topped with grilled eel where as the smoked salmon yuzu was rolled in pickled radish. I fell in love with the crispy eel bone, albeit not the best  looking bone but it was mighty delicious. That crunchiness could rival keropok even!


Fresh Beancurd Skin, Hokkaido Snow Crab, Mushroom, Yuzu

A thickened broth with smooth beancurd sheets and chockfuls of hokkaido snowcrab but it was that yuzu flavouring that gave delicious to this dish. Worth every slurp.


Seasonal Sashimi
Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Aori Ika, Yellowtail, Seabream

If I can, a sashimi platter a day would be part of my diet. Once again, too pretty to eat and I even went to the extent of nibbling my rather grassy tasting posy that had thorns even - the perils of gluttony, I say. I loved the textures of the fish types featured, from the firmness of seabream to the melt in my mouth sea urchin, otoro was definitely a treat too!


Grilled Salted Eel, Abalone, Mikuni Sauce, Wasabi, Daikon

Too pretty to even reveal, this was served in a shiny shell complete with a ribbon, the details! Morsels of grilled salted eel and abalone clothed in Mikuni sauce greeted. This was pleasant though more subdued as compared to the previous few courses.


Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Kushikatsu, Black Truffle, Mustard Caviar


Kagoshima always has me at hello, that kind of melt in the mouth moment that sticks in the memory for ages. Having them breaded and fried still maintained the juiciness, too delicious I say if there is a way of describing. All three ways were perfect, except uni stole the thunder.


Sunomono Moriawase
Eel, Scallop, Shrimp, Ginger Flower, Seaweed, Tomato

Another of those pretty creations but underwhelming flavours, I suppose on its own it would have been lovely but not in a set like this that had too many wow moments.


Charcoal Grilled Eel on Rice, Mixed Japanese Pickle


The moment we all had been waiting for, grilled eel on rice. That char grilled fragrance that filled the air the moment the cover was lifted, pillowly pearls of rice and the sweetened meat. Such is love in every bite and truly, I never quite enjoyed eel with so much joy before.




Clams in miso soup did not go wrong, terribly delicious.


Kyushu Peach, Raspberry and Peach Icecream

Exquisite and unforgettable, for once, musk melons can be rivalled with the mildly sweet yet incredibly juicy peach!


Then of course, petit fours were presented and instead of their usual red bean cakes and green tea pralines, I get presented a box to pick from.


How about one of everything I mused?

Impeccable spread of sweets with personal favourites going to home made marshmellow, a melting moment cookie and even their candied fruit tastes so good!

With the summer festival over, I am missing eel big time. I suppose I can only wait for its return next year!

Dinner and lunch menus vary in the Fresh Beancurd Skin, Kagoshima Wagyu Kushikatsu and Grilled Salted Eel.

With two gluttons, one can only expect a set menu to be the beginning. 


With compliments from the chef - atas bak kwa. I love the charred fragrance and chewiness. Perfect pub grub.


Nishin Soba ($38)

What is a birthday without longeivity noodle really? We made do with soba.


Happy Birthday my love, and onto many more delicious meals.

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