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Shin Yeh @ Liang Court

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6 years back, I paid the then newly opened Shin Yeh a visit and liked it enough. Yet a revisit was only done recently.


There is a thing about chinese dining and round tables that keeps me intrigued. Possibly one of the few cultures that encourages communal dining.


Rice with black sesame seeds, nothing extraordinary but no asian meal is ever complete without our favourite staple.


Shin Yeh Special Combination ($38)

This is what a cold dish should be about - the colours, flavours and fragrances all nailed and this was done quite well. The dang gui mushrooms were a surprise with that mild hints of the herbs and chilled mushrooms.


Sauteed Prawns with Pineapple ($20)

Grilled pineapples and stir fried prawns with a mayo dressing. This was a refreshing variation.


Panfried Oyster Omelette ($14)


None of the starchy blobs in this purely egg and oyster omelette. I call this the atas orh-ah-jian.


Wok Fried Sliced Pork ($20)

I love food served in a hot pot or hot plate, at least it guarantees the food is piping hot and that sizzling sound is music to the ears. The pork slices were still tender after all the heat and sizzles, delicious much!


Claypot Chicken with Basil ($24)

This in turn was less satisfying than the pork slices surprisingly.


Mustard Heart ($16)


French Beans with Minced Pork ($12)

Great with teo chew muay, these greens were actually really delicious.


Silver Fish Fried Rice ($27)

One fragrant bucket full of wok hei and those silver fish are such delicious things. I can eat a bucket of those alone.


Anchovies and Peanuts ($12)

This looked and tasted like an appetizer but was actually mains. Portions were a tad small but great for all the pre-dinner snacking.

Prices have obviously gone up and portions possibly shrunk but we enjoyed our visit enough.  Maybe soon?

Shin Yeh Restaurant
Liang Court Shopping Centre

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