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Salt Tapas & Bar Revisited @ Raffles City

~Invited Session~


I secretly like tapas for dinner, infact, I can have tapas for dinner. The small bites and variety keeps me a happy diner. Salt Tapas and Bar has recently undergone a kitchen makeover, one that saw freshblood joining, Chef Ronald Li hails from the kitchens of previously known Ku De Ta and the likes of Andre and even the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school.

The menu at Salt Tapas and Bar has seen a number of changes, re-creations mainly and the dishes have Mediterranean influences.


Taco of Tempura Prawn, Pineapple Salsa, Chipotle Mayo ($12)

These taco shells are pierced with a tooth pick and filled with a tempura prawn and relish. Delicious with that dollop of spicy mayo, infact, I would be happy to wolf down all three of them.


Pork Belly Sliders, Pickled Cucumber and Chilli ($13)

Buns made for eating with my hands, the jellied pork belly slices were heaven in each of these. No pain, no pleasure - the pain of wishing there were more.


Bone Marrow with Shitake Duxelle, Holland Potato and Garlic Toast ($20)


Meet 2015's way of enjoying garlic toast - with a side of bone marrow and potatoes. Texturally very gratifying with the melt in the mouth marrow and potatoes that gave it more flavour. Plus those crunchy garlic toasts, it is a no brainer why I would prefer bread over rice anyday.


Haloumi, Eggplant, Chickpea, Dried Tomatoes, Herbs and Tahini dressing ($13)

Love cheese and be in for a treat! The stretchy cheese and tart tomatoes and herbs made for a delicious vegetarian course.


Beets, Ricotta, Fig, Pickled Green Chilli, Honey and Thyme Dressing ($14)

Fresh figs made me love this dish. Pleasant, piquant flavours in this fruity salad.


BBQ Pork Ribs, Mash, Pickled Onions ($18)

I loved the sticky and saucy pork ribs that were really tender and fall off the bone. Pickled onions and mash were both very comforting accompaniments to the hearty protein. Normal portions priced at $55 get you 12 ribs and after all we ate, 4 was almost too much.


Paella of Prawns, Mussels, Squid, Chorizo, Chicken, Proscuitto, and Saffron Rouille ($26)

Paella is one of those dishes that is an entire meal on its own - the flurry of flavours that runs through the palette is astounding. Unlike most other paellas, this was hardly mushy and the grains were still firm and packed with intense flavours. Proscuitto was a first for me in this already tasty dish and there is no harm in getting it even tastier.


Gooey Chocolate Tart with Mango Sorbet ($14)


Loved the gooey thick chocolate filling and impeccable pairing with mango sorbet but the tart did not quite work for me. More oomph would be great.


Churros with Chantily Cream and Chocolate Sauce ($14)

These thick sugar dusted fried fritters were a joy to eat which the husband declared the best he had ever eaten quite readily. I found them light, missing a weebit of density and still delicious. Dip it in chantily cream before dunking into chocolate sauce for that moment of blissful silence.


The Australian ($18)
Cinnamon stick, Fresh Ginger, Cognac, Gin, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Luke's Syrup


Sugar stick, Mint leaves, Lime wheels, Rum, Brown sugar

Happy tipples great for ladies and men, they do recommend a number of signatures like The Australian but I say, any booze is always good.

Yet another delicious encounter with Salt Tapas and Bar, I can only foresee returns for another of those eat-and-drink too much nights.

Salt Tapas and Bar
Raffles City

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