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Ronin @ Hongkong Street


Hong Kong Street is almost asleep on weekends during the day and I was almost surprised to find that there was a brunch place that came to live, Ronin is its name.

The girlfriends have praised this place for their kickass coffee and sarnies and it took me a weekend to troop down. 8am opening hours sounds like a great place for early birds and even at 12noon, it was only starting to fill up - how I love lazy brunches.



Their eat and drink menus are limiting which makes unavailable dishes more glaring - the much awaited curry rice and roast beef sandwich were out that day.


Minimalist chic.


Dining in groups more than 2 becomes a challenge as most big tables are meant for sharing or face coffee tables and aching backs.


The pot of tea that was great for 2 cups.


Iced Wicked ($7.50)

Throw me to wicked looks on this, they say it is better hot than iced. I say, listen to the weather.


Americano ($4.20)


Dirty Ronin ($13)
Chorizo, Gryuere, Soft Egg, Miso Mayo, Lettuce

Great for 2, these 4 halves were served toasted. Chorizo tasted like spam strangely and the egg was barely soft and runny but I'd consider this a decent eat.


Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($9)
Bacon ($3.50)
Lamb Sausage ($4.50)

They do great scrambled eggs, milky and so sloppy, this would be the yardstick for perfection. I almost could not help being surprised when people have said their scrambled eggs are to die for - is this not the most basic to begin with? Next to McDees, I would have expected less.

This was a smart way of presenting a scrambled egg sandwich, by deconstructing it and throwing in other elements.


Oh my bacon, breakfast is complete.


I and huge portobellos share an unspoken love.


Brioche French Toast  ($14.50)
Braised Apple, Hazelnut Butter, Bacon

The bar for french toast was once again set, as with the scrambled eggs. Incredibly light and crispy, this brioche toast got my vote for yummy, scrummy and so delicious. Bacon and apples can never go wrong, the balance of sweet and savoury was nailed to a T here.

We enjoyed our brunch here save for the lack of space after the crowds started making their way in. Quick meals are suggested, not catchups. 

One interesting way about how the function is - whilst orders are noted, they operate on an honesty is the best policy basis. When I headed to the cashier, she had me repeat all the orders and that left me quite dumbfounded - what if I really had a bad memory and had no recollection of what I ate?

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