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Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee @ Havelock Road

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The feud of Liang Kee involving three different stalls of the same brand has been brewing for ages and each location would have their fans.


Teochew Braised Duck ($14)

Tofu and braised duck slices made up this simple looking dish served with a side sauce comprising of diced garlic and chilli. The sauce cause quite a party in my mouth, gave life to the duck and was my favouritest dish of the night.


Steamed Snapper ($43)

My mom used to say that the reason why Teochew girls all have dewy white complexion is largely attributed to their steamed food diet. While I may not agree 100% on that, one fact stays - the teochews have a knack with steamed fish. It may not look all that appetizing but this steamed fish actually got my vote for delicious.


Crispy Beancurd and Minced Meat ($10)

No simple feat - a silky egg beancurd fried till crispy and a minced meat topping that made me forgo rice.


Bitter Gourd Omelette ($10)

Another simple dish that made the meal uber homecooked.


Fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion ($16)

This dish makes me want to acquire a kuali as part of my kitchen loot - enough wok hei and that layer of glistening oil, delicious begins here.


Chye Poh Kuay Teow ($12)

Incredibly puny bowls used to store chye poh kuay teow, while I am more familiar with chye poh omelette or even chee cheong fun, this oilier version is equally delightful. The chye poh bits are almost non existent, chopped till small and once again layered with enough oil to be full after one bowl.


Pumpkin Yam Paste ($18)

Never ever leave a Teochew restaurant without trying their yam paste. Pumpkin and yam do go really well together, though having them portion it would mean mixing them up. Smooth and missing out on some gritty texture but otherwise, worthy of the calories.


I have not tried the other two competing stalls yet but Mu Liang Zai has got my vote for affordable zichar fare.

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee
719 Havelock Road

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