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Lamb Cupcakery @ MBLM

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Lamb Cupcakery has been creating sweet experiences for those working around Marina Bay and one day the girlfriend insisted I gave them a try - so I did, trudging to MBLM over lunch and sussing out Lamb. The mascot is cute as a button, the interior is done up to look almost like a nursery - and even the box has little lambs running all over them.

Service was not particularly as sweet and cute as they set out to be, with a midlde aged worker placing my chosen flavours into a box - almost detached if I had to say so.


Cute pink box.


The prints!


A box of sugars.


Dark Chocolate 
Classic dark chocolate cupcake with a whipped Belgium dark chocolate frosting topped with chocolate sprinkles 


Coconut Snowball
Classic coconut cupcake with a coconut buttercream covered in shredded coconut


Red Velvet
Classic red velvet cupcake with a madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting coated with red velvet crumbs and topped with a chocolate heart


Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with a fresh strawberry studded buttercream sprinkled with pastel pink sequins

The flavours are subdued despite their appearances, so light that even the buttercream tastes just like whipped cream. I have been spoilt rotten by Plain Vanilla so these are nice to have if I cannot get my PV fixes, otherwise, not worth the journey to central for this.

$3.80 a piece, daily specials go for an additional 50 cents. 

Lamb Cupcakery
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-61 Marina Bay Link Mall

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