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Confessions of a Foodie

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Followers of my Instagram and blog would tend to be amazed at the amount that I consume daily, worse still on a vacay and I have a horrible confession to make – that while food trails are the most fun on overseas trips, I dread them because of constipation.


Holidays and foreign surroundings make me more stressed than planning for my daily trips, considering how I do not already clear them so regularly and causing that unsightly ‘food baby’ (sorry pals, it ain’t a baby bump!)


Great, so now, I have uncovered a topic that most Asians rather not talk about and the same things that my family would shush and frown upon at the dining table – why talk about shitting before the meal is even consumed! 

One in four Singaporeans suffer from chronic constipation and the most common symptoms reported were hard stool, straining and incomplete evacuation1.

Truth to be told, like the majority of people polled, I will only consider laxatives as the last resort treatment as I too perceived laxatives as harsh.

Guess what? You guys are not alone.

Thank God for google these days, I never felt comfortable talking about constipation even with my doctor.

Here’s my lifestyle in a nutshell and it turns out that I was constipated –

Toilet time takes almost forever and bowel straining has taken its toll on me before.
A constant bloatedness persists because of uncleared bowels.
Infrequent clearing of bowels is a norm, clearing it 2 times a week is a cause for celebration.
I have suffered from loss of appetite during tasting sessions. It was a pure torture, with the wide spread of oh- so-delicious and I really could not stomach another morsel.

I have a history of gastro problems and a meal that included romaine lettuce is sufficient to set off a day of bloatedness on top of constipation. #doublewhammy

More research into constipated actually debunks many myths that I thought were bare truths!

More fibre, less constipation

Although some people find that eating lots of fibre rich foods helps prevent constipation, some people with severe constipation actually find it gets worse if the up their fibre intake. This may not work for everyone.

Up the fluid intake!

There is no scientific evidence to suggest increasing fluid intake alleviates constipation. Increasing fluid intake can only successfully treat constipation when there is evidence of severe dehydration.

Laxatives are addictive

They are not! Just follow the recommended dose.  

Laxatives cause abdominal cramps

This is super duper important for me given how my stomach walls are so delicate! Turns out, only one laxative has a unique comfort coating layer are gentle on the tummy, working only where bowel needs them and providing the much needed relief. 


How does Dulcolax® measure up?



Available in two formats,

·         The overnight and predictable relief is an enteric coated tablet that provides effective overnight relief within 8 to 12 hours. Suitable for Adults and Children age 4 years and above.
·         Suppositories for fast relief, the comfort shaped suppositories relieves constipation within 15-30 minutes. It is available for both Adults and Children. 


Dulcolax® provides effective yet gentle and predictable overnight relief of constipation to improve the quality of life. It is gentle on the stomach because it acts only where it is needed and in this case, just on the bowels.

Dulcolax® is the World’s No 1 Laxative. With more than 60 years in the market, Dulcolax has provided effective relief for constipation in more than 50 countries worldwide.




Clinically proven to provide safe and effective relief of constipation.


Find out if you are also suffering by constipation by taking a simple quiz!


Like a comfy pair of heels, I get on with life so comfortably with Dulcolax by my side whenever I need it! Plus, it fits into my cosmetic bag so easily.

More information can be found on:   

Dulcolax® products are available in all leading pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons and Unity.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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