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~Product Feature~

Back in the uni days, hot food vending machines were my favourite source of food when it came to studying late on campus. Somehow the piping hot limited flavour sandwiches appealed to me more than canteen food. I even remember my favourite flavour was cheese mushroom sandwich priced at just $2.

Turns out, a good 10 years later this concept has taken flight with 85 Hot Food Vending Machines island wide dispensing local favourites like Seafood Hor Fun, Curry Chicken with Rice and many other dishes! Alternatively, fans can purchase directly from


The concept of cook-chill and cook-freeze ready to serve meals is fast gaining popularity in this age where most families are dual income and having to dash home to whip up a meal under an hour is terribly challenging. On days like that and I rush like a mad woman, I silently wish for some instant solution.


Recently, I was gifted with a starter pack with 5 meals worth. There are a number of ways to get the meal heated after thawing is completed - microwave, steam or ovenbake!


Chicken Bolognese with Spaghetti ($4.80)



Chicken Casserole Rice ($4.80)


Curry Chicken with Rice ($4.80)


Seafood Hor Fun ($4.80)


Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice ($4.80)

Of the flavours attempted, we enjoyed chicken casserole rice and seafood horfun best. While flavours were not compromised, the texture of the noodles were definitely soggier than they usually would be but I am not complaining! The dishes were pretty spot on in terms of seasoning and such is joy tucking into piping hot homecooked meals without turning on the stove!

There is a starter pack promotion going on featuring all of the above for just $22! August is a month of goodies it seems and even Chef In Box is throwing in free delivery for a minimum spend of just $30 for a limited time.  For orders lower than $30, a flat delivery charge of $7 applies between 9am and 6pm, and a further $3 surcharge applies for delivery between 6-9pm. 

Readers of my blog get to enjoy a 10% off your online purchases by entering "PHOEBExCIB10" at the Checkout page. Code is until 31 August 2015.

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