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Tangerine @ ESPA, Equarius Hotel

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~Invited Session~


I have long dreamt of a vacation dedicated to just rejuvenating the soul - think whole days of massage coupled with meals, stepping in and out when the sky is dark. If Bali is not your cup of tea, locally we have ESPA at Resorts World™ Sentosa that matches in terms of luxury and is an oasis of tranquility.


Enter the gates to rejuvenating bliss.


A killer view to start.

Their signature facilities include Singapore’s first authentic Turkish Hammam, Vitality Pools, Forest Onsen-style Pools, Rock Saunas, Crystal Steam rooms, and spa cafĂ© Tangerine.

Tangerine is a place for spa customers to evoke the senses with their menu of healthy offerings - calorie intakes are thoughtfully included. There are a number of lifestyle retreats available at ESPA - fit for life, weight management, intro to detox and de-stress, and the menu is categorized according to the retreat for a holistic experience.


Private tables are available.


Most tables have a view of the tranquil pond - just watching it could chase all worries away.



The menu that we sampled were new creations from Chef Ian Kittichai’s kitchen.


Butter rolls served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar 

Soft buns served fresh from the oven, one is never enough but I would caution against stuffing yourself silly with these lovable carbs and risk not having enough space for the rest of their delicious courses.


Momotaro Tomato Custard
Apple Gel and Olive Soil

A tangy and very inviting looking appetizer, the strong tongue awakening flavours were very pleasant.


Hawaiian Papaya Soup ($16)
Kaffir Lime Dust, Hokkaido Scallop, Sour Cream

Papaya and scallops are a completely new combination for me - the papaya flavours were mild yet easy to distinct, word has it the team had experimented with this so many times and eureka happened when the pulp was left overnight by accident.

I am loving this accidental experiment, very light and hearty in a bowl!


Risotto with Light Red Curry Emulsion ($26)
Hokkaido Scallop, Tiger Prawn with Assam Dressing

Think thai and think fiery dishes but Chef Kittichai over turns the tables with a barely spicy but very tasty fusion dish. The risotto was a brilliant way to present this, beautifully soaking up the curry flavours and even with the theatrics of a scallop and prawn served with it, managed to shine on its own.

This is one dish that deserves a mention and worth two plates of calories.


Kaffir Honey Chill
Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Honey

A palette cleanser in the form of a subdued chiller, this almost tasted like a detox drink instead.


Green Chilli-Herbs Baked Cod Fillet ($36)
Asian Mixed Herbs Blended with Green Chili Marinade, Thai Sweet Basil and Sauteed Garden Peas

Next to the risotto, this had me sitting up and paying serious attention to my food - one visually lacking dish in all its greenness yet it pulled off what I call a hat trick so delicious, I wish all my fish courses could taste this awesome.

Finally we get spicy talking, an understated tongue tingling pleasure as I dive into its green chili marinade - oh, just give me a whole saucer of that already will you? Cod in its fattiness was done so well too, I do love selected types of fish and cod always ranks high.


Avocado Espuma with Goma Icecream ($16)
Organic Avocado, Wild Honey, Muesli, Dried Fruits


I love avocado with a vengeance and black sesame anything with a passion. Put two together and it becomes an almost inseparable and pitch perfect combination. I love my calories and this pleases me so because it's only weighing in at 214 calories!


Expect a gourmet paradise at Tangerine though seasonings are likely to be toned down for diners to enjoy the natural flavours. How about can the next vacay and opt for a pamper and dine package at ESPA next?

ESPA, Equarius Hotel
Resorts World Sentosa 

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