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Pontini's New Italian Semi Buffet Lunch @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

~Invited Session~


Pontini has a revamped Italian Semi Lunch Buffet on Saturdays featuring a number of new items that are worth spending an afternoon's worth with - seafood on ice, foie gras station, pizza live station, cheese room, lavish array of antipasti, homemade pastas, main courses and a delightful ensemble of desserts.  

Their feasts are usually a treat for the senses with Italian classics executed with the finest ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe. 


The appetizer section has enough to fill me to the brim. Choose wisely!


Tomato bruschettas never looked prettier. 


The seashell shaped ice carving sure got me taking a second look at this seafood platter.



Thin crust pizzas are made on the spot and baked in this oven.


What is new this time is a dedicated cheese room with at least 10 different types of cheeses.


My favourite burrata cheese!


I have a soft spot for blue cheese, like stinky tofu it is terribly acquired but oh-so-addictive once you get the hang of that pungent fragrance!


Right smack in the middle of this cheese spread is a cheese bowl filled with parmesan shards - mighty tasty stuff.

As if the savoury spread is not enough to fill, the sweets are equally extensive.


Tiramisu shooters looking so dainty, I would have expected mousse shooters and Pontini surprised me on this one.


M for macarons, these sugar pops always get me excited at every sight in a dessert table.


A colourful fruit tart is half the battle won, I already lost the resistance test on this one at first glance.


Shooter versions of their chillers.

We had a field day picking out cold cuts and cheeses - as appetizing as they are, please save some space for their mains.





A notable mention goes to their cream of mushroom, an earthy and very wholesome bowl.


The foie gras station caused quite a storm in the area - smelling up the restaurant with the pan sizzling and searing of the thick chunks of duck liver. Done ala minute, you can have your foie gras cooked to the desired doneness and best eaten with a number of dips.  


Seconds, guaranteed.

As part of their Semi Buffet lunch is an order off their mains menu. I would advise going in a group to be able to try all of their 4 mains available!


Oven-baked Barramundi fillet, Castelluccio Lentils, Sauteed Spinach, Grain Mustard Sauce

I can never say no to fresh fish, much less one with a crispy skin.


Tuscany Style Mixed Seafood Pot and Herbs

Like a boullaibaise, this tangy broth has chockfuls of seafood and herbs to make a pescatarian uber happy. I would suggest eating this with bread, finger licking good!


Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack, Truffle Polenta Tart, Aubergine Ragout, Rosemary Jus


This turned out to be my favourite main course, medium doneness and that fragrant charring made two lamb racks not enough to even go round.


Braised Short Ribs, Grain Mustard Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Roots Vegetables, Marsala Wine Reduction

My idea of a braised dish usually comes with a tendency so soft, minimal chewing is required and their version was neither of that. Plenty of jaw work required and missed the mark on flavouring which is a huge pity given the second fiddlers like the mashed potatoes and wine reduction were delicious.


Chef Serno and his rotisserie chicken fresh off the grill.


Roasted Spring Chicken, Assorted Grilled Vegetables, Chianti Red Wine Jus 

This is available at their live rotisserie corner. Portions featured above are purely for photography purposes though having a full bird would be too hearty to ignore.


Drumsticks and wings are my favourite part of a foul, looks like I got lucky this time!

Unlimited portions of pizza and pasta are also available for the ravenous.


It was time to get creative with the pizza ingredients, I suppose one can  never go wrong with salami and cheese to being with?


Pulling the cheese strings is a must do with every order of pizza - I love mine packed with cheese.


Going classically Italian with a ton of rockets.

If creating pizzas is not your idea of gastro-fun, how about pasta? Mix and match your preferred pasta type with their pre-created sauces.


Roasted Italian Sausage, Wild Mushrooms, Chestnut Tagliatelle

Simply tasty with the italian sausage and wild mushrooms. I would recommend this for the diner who prefers his pasta fussfree and classic.


Black Truffle "Roman" Carbonara Sauce Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli

A tasty combination that paired well with the relatively bland ricotta and spinach ravioli. One has to enjoy cheese like I do to adore this pairing.


Fresh Tomato Sauce, Black Mussels, Olives, Chilli Pesto, Gnocchi

A comparatively more mouthwatering combination with that spicy aftertaste that left us all lapping for more.


Premium Cheese Fondue, Radicchio, Walnut, Orecchiette

Go cheesy, or go home. Pontini is generous with their servings of cheese, this included.


When in doubt, have a piece of everything. And into a sugar rush I went with all the sweet treats stomached for the meal. Special mentions go to the tiramisu shooter that is so light yet packs all the must haves in a wicked tiramisu, that mixed berry tart and peach frangipane tart which I ended up having slices of.

Priced at just $58++, I find it a steal with great value. All you can eat truly, if you have the stomach space because there are just too many distractions to eat seconds of.

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