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Owen Seafood @ Turf City

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Like a chance encounter, discovering Owen Seafood made us rethink our options for a good seafood meal. The badge certainly looks like it belonged to an institution of higher learning.


Located in a far flung part of Singapore - Turf City is mostly a ghost town on weekdays and hence the generous price slashes.


Welcome to the world of pick your own catch - the tanks are stacked all the way to the ceiling, a mighty grand sight.


Hi there marble goby, you look hideous with those marbled eyes and white patches. This was going for $90 in June.


Crab Olympics anyone?


Scallop Salad with Lettuce

Too oldschool for comfort or even enjoyment in my opinion. Cold lettuce leaves with canned fruit and a blanched scallop drizzled with mayo.


Teo Chew Style Thick Soup with Fish Maw and Crab Meat


I blame the wintry blasts from the aircon that cannot be tamed for the sudden interest in fish maw soup. Hot broth always works for me in chilly restaurants. Although none of the expensive delicacies, this was actually really delightful with extra dashes of vinegar and pepper.


Peking Duck

Egg crepe skins sandwiching a crisp duck skin is made for simple oral pleasures. I usually prefer my peking duck skin wraps made of dough but this egg crepe was delicious enough for me to switch camps.


I prefer to have the rest of the duck chopped up than fried or recooked for a second dish. A mighty decent attempt on the foul, we all loved the succulent pieces with a lovely roasted top.


Deep Fried Fish with Soya Sauce


An excellently executed dish in my opinion, fried till crisp this would give fish and chips a good run for their money. I am surprised that our experience was not compromised despite it being a Groupon deal.


Fried Lobster with Cream and Milk

Now this had us all sitting up and paying good attention to what Owen Seafood had to offer. Tinged with a mild curry flavour, these cream crabs were delightfully tasty and though the crabs were not huge the pincers were meaty and so addictive. I am usually not a fan of gravy based crab dishes yet this had me at hello - done with a ton of finesse.


Poached Spinach with Wolfberry in Superior Soup


Braised Whole Abalone and Mushrooms with Vegetable

Baby abalones were spotted in this river of mushrooms and cabbage.


Stewed Eefu Noodles with Mushrooms

Way better than any wedding banquet standard, this is zichar with a finesse. I particularly loved the springy noodles - none of the soggy texture that most banquets offer up.


Daily Dessert

A simple red bean soup to end off the 9 course meal.

The dishes were all part of a 9 course weekday meal under Groupon that we nabbed at a deal of $288 before the flash discount of 18%. Great value and we were surprised at the quality of food available - I spotted large fresh oysters shucked on the spot too!

Owen Seafood
Turf City

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