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Oscar Cafe's SG 50 Feast @ Conrad Singapore

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~Invited Session~

SG50 is the year for over eating, over indulging and over the top celebrations. I think by now, the mere mention of SG50 sends one almost frowning and wondering if it is just another reason to get us to part with more money in the name of celebration.

Oscar's Cafe has jumped onto the wagon, celebrating the nation's birthday for a good two months starting 1 July to 31 August with a feast like no other. 


Are you ready for an epicurean journey studded with local delights? It could just be me and taking food tours of the spread before I take on the spread - at least I have an idea what the stomach is up against.


Oysters freshly shucked on site - this always causes a queue but I'd gladly wait for these shelled babies.


There was also other seafood buckets comprising of Sri Lankan crabs, prawns and yabbies that made a surprise appearance mid-way into the buffet. 


These roasts were the first to be depleted amongst all the dishes.



Chilli crab, a national pride makes its grand appearance in a buffet - and unlike most other crab buffets, the server portions out piping hot gravy and crab parts.


Indian cuisine always has a soft spot in this cauldron of multicultural dishes.


That pot of briyani rice made me drool from metres away. The fragrance itself was enough to feed me. 


Sugars, are my BFFs.


Rainbow kueh, as I knew it all my life is actually lapis sagu and these were snapped up like hotcakes and not replenished. Bummer.


A dessert table befitting of SG50.


Singapore's only Bandung flavoured cake layered in red and white. Available for sale at $75nett for a kilogram's worth, this national coloured cake is served with bandung syrup.


Rainbow cake, anyone?


Rows of sushi for the carb lovers.


Salad in bite sized portions served in such pretty glasses - eating greens has become fashionable all over again.


If salads in pint sized glasses do not appeal, there are those piled up high for picking at too.


Bread stations always get me excited - the variations and textures presented go so well with almost everything at the buffet table.


A parmesan cheese drum for tossing salads, brilliant idea I say to flavour the salads with a nutty after taste.


This froyo station had the children lining up to have a go at the lever - top marks for novelty.


Handmade jellies that resemble the fruit pastilles I have been eating since a child.


Table orchids that seemed particularly pretty this time.


Down to business with the start of my feasting and there's no fresher way than oysters! While they had a number of sauces to go, I actually prefer them neat with a dash of lemon or a fancy red wine vinaigrette.


Yabbies are my favouritest next to lobsters and tiger prawns.


These babies come in such cute sizes and cute expressions - poor fellas were probably caught red handed trying to leap their way to freedom. The flesh was not as firm as the richer cousins but really fresh I'd say - fresh out of the styrofoam box and they get snapped up so quickly.


A vietnamese roll stuffed with root vegetables that was a tad too sweet for me.


Their sashimi range is quite different from most buffets - the first time I spotted yellowtail and swordfish! The sushis were a tad stiff though.






Their local fare is worth at least two plates - especially that wok fried kuay teow and stuffed squids! Each dish packs enough wok hei to these usual zichar dishes.


Their Indian dishes are also really delicious - choose between briyani and naan to accompany their delectable curries. If in doubt, why not try both?


Roast beef on the wagon may look like an oddball amongst the asian dishes but there was a faithful following for this meaty chunk.


Bak Kut Teh in a peppery broth that most Singaporeans love.


Chilli Crabs served with a side of fried mantous, the gravy was spot on with the level of sweet and savouriness, the only grouse was the crabs were actually fried in batter like a tempura before being served with gravy. Unless eaten almost immediately after drying, this may end up soggy.


Unbenownst to most diners, there was also an extension of the buffet spread outside the dining hall. There is a live noodle station with a number of hot favourites dished out too.


Tom Yum Soup




A very tangy strawberry yogurt that melted way too fast yet it could be drunk like a milkshake too!


Lime and lemon sorbet with pistachio icecreams come with an array of candies - I was this close to filling my bowl up with the cute gummy bears.


Bandung waffles with gula melaka syrup, banana fritters and kaya. Housemade and a refreshing interpretation of the all american classic.


Last but not the very least, please save some space for their tea infused pralines.

A worthwhile buffet with notable hits and it is a charming place for family getogethers - the number of children at the buffet were a significant number and I suppose the sugary charms have their hold on children.

Quote "Ice Kachang" to enjoy the dinner buffet from Mondays to Wednesdays at $50++ for aduilts and $25++ for children.

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