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Luxe Singapore @ The Working Capitol

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The Working Capitol has the hottest tables this June - Luxe Singapore, Lollapalooza, Neon Pigeon and The Capitol Coffee to name a few. Infact, I never knew this iconic white building was The Working Capitol - it is home to offices and cafes mainly.


Luxe Singapore is a franchise of the Sydney chain of cafes and I have not been to Sydney nor their flagship outlet but one walk around does give a better idea of their design concepts.


Open the heart to be welcomed.




Clean, minimalist and chic, natural lighting with artistic props in the form of very buyable furniture pieces make up one instagrammable place. Do not get me wrong, I love the whole vibe and ambience except the noise levels that are hardly under control. Big groups and close tables, I was almost thankful the babies in our group did not cause a rackus in disagreement.



Luxe Hanger Steak Burger ($24)

I would classify this as a steak sandwich than a burger - no patty, just beef slices served medium rare. The buns were brioche and probably charcoal given its colour, sprinkled with lettuce and served with a portion of fries that made the burger seem small.

For sure, I have my issues with this. Almost pretentious, a sliced beef sandwich passing off as a burger and barely has any of its hearty works - no cheese, patty nor even onions to save the dish. To judge it as a sandwich, I suppose this would be average and the fries were really ordinary.


Handmade Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll ($18)


A 20 minute wait is mandatory for a deliciously browned roll stuffed with minced pork. I love a good pork pie, or sausage roll as they term in but this was way too salty though the crust was awesomely good.

BUT, all good things have to come to an end with a ridiculously bitter crumbed salad - texture was weird, almost as if rocket leaves and celery were put into a food processor and minced. Maybe the greens were in for a bad day, it was uniformly bitter throughout our table - a friend even gave up on her Chicken Salad for the same reasons.

Service is warm, overly warm at some point with the poor server coming back to update me on my roll status until the last 2 minutes, glasses get refilled and it is a humongous pity that everything worked except the prices and food.

Luxe Singapore
The Working Capital
1 Keong Siak Road

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