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Durian Fest 2015 @ Resorts World Sentosa

~Invited Session~


I and durians come a long way - Until 10, I loved them with a burning passion. More than the chou chou that I developed such an attachment for. Then came a strange thing called puberty and possible a whole universe of change in preferences that this became a foe.


I am almost non-Singaporean who does not consider the Durian Season as important as a good sale. Come to think of it, I have queued for a Hello Kitty toy but not for durians.


Durian Fest by Resorts World came and went with a full subscription, so did I - like a traitor, I felt I was wasting the ticket since I was there to soak up the atmosphere and smells (categorically, what is aroma to the durian lover is poison to another, if I may classify it - it is like skunk fart).


I've never seen a nation of people so obsessed with thorns. No pain, no pleasure.


Visitors got to dig into  six premium types of durians this year, along with other seasonal fruits like mangosteens, jackfuits and duku langsats. Also available were coconuts. 


See what I mean? Acupuncture probably elicit more squeals than holding a durian by its thorns.


I was possibly the only one who was there for the concubines of fruits, truth be told, I never had such juicy rambutans or mangosteens before! 






Free flow of coconuts to quench the thirst!


Yellow gold.


Mao Shan Wang


The King of fruit reigns with almost every table having at least one of these - pungent laced with an incredible creaminess and sweetness. 


Red Prawn


The bittersweet aftertaste with hints of liquor made this my personal favourite of the types of durian available. It is almost acquired like whiskey.  




Just mouthfuls of sweet pulp, entry level methinks for those who prefer something one dimensional tasting.


The thoughtful management made sure every table was well equipped to fend off heatiness.


Everyone went prepared - to queue and eat like no tomorrow. The amount of empty shells that stacked up at the end of the event was a horrifying pile. 

A star of the event is the largest stack of durians in the world exhibit, one that dimished so fast that by the time I managed a decent snap, they had ran out of durians and the seating was about to end. 


Their durian mascot also joined in the fun - I can only imagine if he were a durian lover and being above to see and not touch the stack would be incredibly torturous!

Then the unimaginable happened, I fell in love with the king of fruit, again. I have been badgering the dad for red prawn durian to no end ever since - oops!


So long Durian Fest 2015, I am already looking forward to 2016!

Word has it that the latest durian breed is 皇中王, one that even trumps Mao Shan Wang for premium. Let's see if I can get an ally on this to sneak in some bites this season. 

Have you had your durian this season? 

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