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Brizo's Singapura Buffet @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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~Invited Session~

This year's SG50 is a good reason to feast with so many related promotions going on and Brizo is joining in the fun with a nostalgic Singapore seafood and local dinner buffet aptly termed "Taste of Singapore" until 30 September 2015.

Available every Wednesday to Sunday evenings, the buffet promises a plethora of local delights to satisfy your tastebuds. 


The food tour begins with a scrumptious range of sweets, I spotted a number of local favourites - durian penyat, kueh lapis and the kuehs just to name a few.


The extensive buffet spread includes Baked Red Snapper in Sambal Chilli, diners are in for a fiery serious business.


Salted Egg Crayfish anyone? The gravy is finger licking good, I would reccomend stealing the mantous from the chilli crab to indulge.


Fried Rice paradise begins here.


Not forgetting Brizo's signature Singapore-Style Chilli Crab. These are hugely popular everywhere - from Singapore to JB even.


I usually make a beeline for oysters, that is the only and fastest way to recoup your buffet losses. If oystsers are not up your alley, there are other fresh catches like chilean scallops, flower crabs, canadian green whelks and tiger prawns too.


In most buffets I usually shun from loading up the carbs too early yet these delicious sushi were irresistible and mighty decent too!


A nostalgic buffet is not complete without a serving of chilli crab and mantou. While I loved the spiciness of the eggdrop gravy, the meat of the crabs were lacking in bite.


Next to crabs, these crayfish were equally hot property. That rich and thick gravy is enough to send me straight into a food coma.


Included in the mouth watering spread is satays though it would have been lovelier if these were grilled on the spot with a satay man and his fan.


Deep fried ngoh hiang, samosas and shrimp wantons were super as nibbles - it is definitely tiring to chomp relentlessly through a buffet without stopping. These small bites are great to fill in the "I am full but not that full" moments.


Gado gado is a rarity at local buffets and I am glad the folks at Brizo have this instead of an overrated rojak corner.



Prawn laksa is served upon order, expect a flavourful broth in this curry mee. Extra points for the number of prawns tossed in!


I made an attempt on a DIY Nasi Goreng Istimewa, putting the fried rice and a number of their dishes on a single plate. That worked out quite pretty I say - my food styling skills are truly improving. Special mention for their cereal butter prawns that tasted so good, I chomped it down eyes, shell and feelers, now that sounded odd but you get the drift on the deliciosity and of course, my laziness. 


Chocolate fondue anyone? This never seems to go out of fashion.

All my local favourites on a plate, their kuehs are a must try! I love the duo-coloured tapioca kueh sandwiching a banana layer - sedap nia!


Not to be missed is their icecream cart that comes with potong sticks for the purists and magnums for the mods. 


I of course had my potong.


Besides presenting a buffet spread, Brizo invites diners to join in the fun by uploading photos of themselves with their family and friends onto facebook or instagram and hashtag #BrizoQualityTime to win attractive prizes!

Part of the fun is random concoctions like the one above when diners flash their uploaded photo on the various social media sites to the restaurants' associates - strawberry longan soda that made the meal all the sweeter.

1 July - 30 September
Every Wednesday to Sunday Evening
630 - 1030pm

Prices are at $58++ (Wednesday and Thursday) and $68++ (Friday to Sunday) for adults. Children aged 6-12 years of age dine at half price.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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