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Tin Hill Social @ Horse City

~Invited Session~

Think Turf Club and all I can think of is Pasarbella and Ah Yat Abalone at best. Yet a distance from the far flung Turf Club is Horse City, a place for animal lovers - horses and rabbits in particular alongside sports enthusiasts like fencers and boxers.


The flora at the entrance were pretty enough for me to snap a picture for remembrance. Looking like ixoras, except these are


Here, there, where?


Loving every piece in this picture - a dream bar counter one day?


And those lamps!


Classic Greek Salad $16.50 ($14.50 for lunch)

I love a greek salad with generous chunks of feta, and strangely, most places here price cheese as a premium product and hardly are they included so generously. Until Tin Hill Social of course, the chunk of feta cheese was more than enough for the olives and tomatoes and left me belly really happy. 

And lunch goers, rejoice, the folks behind Tin Hill Social have knocked $2 off the price to reward you for travelling the distance for this really hearty salad.


Seafood Platter (2 pax) ($38)

Homecured, the smoked seafood platter comprised of so many sea creatures and each was so exquisitely smoked. I loved every item on the platter - though I would recommend pacing yourselves for the dishes ahead! Plus, this comes with a relatively unknown brown rye bread that goes really well with the savoury items. 


Baked Gypsy Eggs ($15.50)

A hearty combination of tomatoes, peas, potatoes and eggs which sounds like all day brunch. The crusty bread that is served with it is almost too small to go round the dish, too delicious not to share.


Hay Smoked Pork Ribs ($26)

Tantalise your tastebuds with these hay smoked pork ribs - sous vide and smoked over hay, this promises not only a fall of the bone texture but meat with a bite. Two loves in one, I am sold.


Beef T-Bone (2 pax) ($70)


600 grams between two carnivores is easy peasy to finish, well charred and juicy this manfood sure kept us belly happy.


This comes with a delicious onion mash that is heavy on the stomach but oh-soooo-good.


Even the corn was soooo good, sweet bursts of flavour. 


Hay-smoked Pulled Pork and Pancetta Pizza ($29)

If ribs are not your thing then maybe this pulled pork and pancetta pizza would entice you. Cracker thin crust with a simple smattering of pork to make this pub grub a favourite of mine.


Tin Hill Social’s Seafood Stew ($30)

I love a good seafood stew - one that does not reek of the sea specifically. Theirs is studded and flavoured with enough seafood to make this a must order, great with bread and almost any other dish featured.


Hay-infused Panna Cotta ($10)

Panna cotta with spiced honey, just the way I'd love a man to be - smooth and one who knows his moves well. All in, a surprise find in a non-Italian joint.


Mango Chilli Pie  ($15)

There was alot going on here, a sugar dusted pie with crispy edges and that mango chilli filling was made for a spicy ending. Loved the subtlety of flavours and with that scoop of icecream, I was all ready for summer.


Pimm’s O’ Clock ($40 ($14/glass) 

If there were a national drink of Britain I would say yes to Pimm's - the kind that is suitable for almost any time of the day and so easy to get high on. Fizzy and sweet but its alcohol level creeps up like a stealth thief - be careful or end up woozy for the rest of the meal.


Tin Hill Social has a cosy bar corner. 


Gotta love lights like these.


And nostalgic corners like these as well. 


A drink for you?


Their very talented bartender actually drew this using markers!


The place is great for drinks, pub drub, main courses and well brunch - sounds like everything and I kid you not. It is packed over weekends with families and you have been warned. Weekday dinners are your best bet for a meal in a part of Singapore that is absolutely tranquil and romantic.

Tin Hill Social
Horse City

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