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SIN - HK - SIN: Cathay Pacific

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Judging from my previous posts, Cathay Pacific would have easily been the only way to fly for me. Still on a high from that random upgrade, we almost nailed another upgrade at a later flight on the same day and had it redeemed just moments before us. I could almost feel it in my bones how unlucky the flight would be.

Full flight it was and cursed we were with a delayed flight and a pilot who underestimated his skills of getting us there ahead of time despite departing late.


Pre flight snack which was the best decision ever with the unexpected delay.


Nuts to the rescue. 


While I was lucky enough to nail one of the last few remaining Beef hash sets and tucked into it quite heartily, not everyone was as lucky in the food department.


Fish and Rice

With the insane number of orders for chinese meal, they obviously ran out and the husband was compensated with a terrible fish meal from Business Class. Sometimes, an upgrade is not all the best of all solutions.


Strawberry icecream to the rescue!

Seated near the engine meant every twitch and grunting could be heard and turbulence was by far one of those things that gets me edgy in my seat. The last straw came when it was announced that we were going to descend and the plane was headed downwards when out of the blue it decided to change its flight path and head upwards! Unbelievably so and it was only much later that they decided to inform us that due to an "obstruction" on the runway they could not land.

Hong Kong International Airport, that was completely not funny. And to Cathay Pacific, that reason was equally ridiculous.

On the way back, we managed to nail those bulk head seats but had to deal with wailing infants throughout the flight. I was only thankful the flight was only 3.5 hours and not 35.


The same old good peanuts that always never fails to come to my hunger rescue. Why can't they just distribute more packets?


I wonder why pasta is always offered on dinner flights and they usually taste bad so I headed for the safer Asian option of pork and rice.


Banana and cream icecream was a real treat! How often do we get other flavours apart from chocolate and strawberry anyway?

This trip, their rice options satisfied the hunger and icecream was the highlight.  Well, at least the foodie adventures that awaited me in the land of dimsum more than made up for the dismal airline food.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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