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Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora @ Resorts World Sentosa

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~Invited Session~


I am an Iron Chef mega fan - the way the cameras roll, the nerve wrecking battles as chefs pit their skills against each other to out do, out wit and most definitely out cook each other. It was my great pleasure to have Chef Cat Cora herself and Chef de Cuisine Yew Eng Tong cook their newly launched Seafood Set Dinner for us. 


The 63 seat restaurant is inside the world's largest oceanarium and has stunning views of deep-sea wildlife from every table.


Absolutely down to earth, Chef Cora entertained photos as she came around to mingle with guests. I spotted her skyscraper heels and word has it that she cooks in them too!



Freshly baked bread made its round, I found it hard to pick a favourite between the two crusty baguette and olive loaf. Smear it with salted butter, I could eat this all night long.


Fresh Oyster
Passion Fruit and Watermelon Salsa

Aphrodisiacs served with a side of passionfruit and watermelon salsa to excite the tastebuds a fair bit, I loved the refreshing flavours beyond the call of tabasco sauce.


Torched Brown Trout "Fabio" with Smoked Eel
Crunchy Cucumber and Caviar Vinaigret

Chef Yew presents his Bocuse d’Or experience by using the Brown Trout “Farbio”, the same type of trout he used in the fish course for the prestigious culinary competition. Noob me had never encountered raw trout before, laced with a certain sweetness and bite, this was a pleasure to eat with cheese encased in shanghai greens.


Sauteed Langoustines
Crustacean Cream, Baby Fennel, Leek and Soft Herb


I even thought langoustines were tiny skinny creatures, turns out they can be fat and plump like tiger prawns.The amazing bit is, beyond that cooked exterior lies a sweet and raw interior - precision is key to the control. Perfection attained and this was a lovely followup to the trout.


Charred Corn Soup
Beignet of Blue Swimmer Crab and Bacon Crumble


I was not expecting heaps of fanfare with this corn soup - well cream of corn is hardly a choice in the list of hot appetizers.

The came this river of soup studded with enough corn, I never knew jagong was this sweet and that grittiness was so addictive. The crab cake and bacon crumble made such an impression, I wish I can insist all soups moving forward had to be this hearty and delicious.

So good, I had to make space for more of their bread to mop up the remaining soup.


Fresh Sustainable Fish from New Zealand
Chorizo and Smoke Potato

Blue Cod's its name, a fleshy and flaky fish. In fact, this was too good for any further seasoning or additional ingredients - good on its own.


Rocky Grand Cru
Bitter Chocolate Rock and Passion Fruit Creme, Textures of Chocolate

Another dish with lots of complication and in a delightful way - thoughtfully put together and presented. This hits all notes for a dessert without the decadence and over the top theatrical presentation, just chocolate and textures.


They were sweet enough to replace my chocolate dessert with a strawberry meringue alternative. Much lighter compared to chocolate yet deserving as a refreshing sweet ending.


Thank you chef for the memorable night!

The 5 course Seafood Dinner Set is available from the 15th of June at $168++.



I had plans for the underwater restaurant at Maldives Conrad and was put off by the exorbitant prices. Maybe a window seat next time to enjoy the fishes up close and save on a trip to Maldives and that stay at Conrad. 

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
Resorts World Sentosa

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