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May May @ Tras Street

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I find walking down streets and chancing upon eateries very fulfilling - you never quite know what you will get or find and May May was one of those places before Desmond egged me on to check it out. Lunch hour is fickle sometimes, either I get a ton of other likeminded people or none at all.

Secretly, I was happy the eatery was barely filled and within moments of saying that, it was swarmed. Natural light is used largely in the design of the place, which also makes every corner very photogenic.

Rice bowls is what May May specializes in though there are noodle options for the diehards.

Butter Poached Cod ($16)
Wakame, oven roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickled lotus root, wasabi sprouts, soft centred egg

A beautiful bowl to behold in a string of tasty colours, infact, if all my rice bowls came looking like this I have no qualms polishing it off down to the last grain. And that was exactly what I did. 

The tartness of the pickled lotus root, spiciness of wasabi sprouts, earthyness of mushrooms, creaminess of egg and last but not least the melt in the mouth butter-me-up cod cubes. Even the rice was drizzled with a tangy sauce that made it so delicious on its own. 

Braised Pork Belly ($16)
Wasabi sprouts, asian slaw, oven roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickled lotus root, soft centered egg

An undeniably irresistible sight of a chunk of wobbly pork belly glimming under the light that made all of us drool. The unfortunate thing then the braised pork belly was under flavoured and lacking in punch unlike the buttered cod.

Liu Sha Custard Donut ($5)
Salted egg yolk, custard

And as with all things sugar, nice and all things spice, I could barely resist an order of it though we were already full. 

Generously dusted with sugar, each donut the size of my palm was brimming with salted egg yolk custard filling and a bite into it was explosive. Rich and just the way I like my liu sha bao to be.

And all it took was really a delicious bowl of rice to kickstart my obsession with rice bowls all over again - correction, May May Singapore. I am already looking forward to repeat lunches and definitely dinner!

May May
65 Tras Street

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