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Fat Cat Icecream Bar Revisited @ Bedok

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The problem with me is when I find a good place I tend to have it at the top of my mind and over patronize until...

The standard drops
The service gets so snooty
I overeat and suffer from an overdose

and I never visit it again.

The encounters with Fat Cat Icecream Bar have been limited to Sundays until this particular visit - Saturday night, possibly the hottest of all peak periods.

Doesn't it amaze you when there are that many likeminded folk who crave for icecream at the same time, the weather has to be so darned hot.

Expectedly crowded and we were told to take a seat outside, had my name and contact number taken down and the waiting game began. People continued to stream in and surprisingly nobody came out, until a good 20 minutes later when a kind soul warned us of people cutting queue.

THIS, is completely unacceptable and when questioned, all the counter staff bothered was punching orders into the cashier and not bothering about the dysfunctional queue system. Not to mention the couple who clearly feigned amnesia about how long they had been in the queue.

After the whole ruckus, we finally made it to our table and the wait continued for our orders. If trouble came in pairs, our orders were clearly forgotten because subsequent tables got their orders ahead of ours. 


Charcoal waffles sold out that was a huge bummer in itself and we had to make do with original waffles. With the chaos going on, I hecked the sampling of flavours and went with the gut feel -

Butter beer

Still a crowd favourite.

Strawberry Cheesecake

I still prefer Ben and Jerry's version better.

Hay and Honey

On the cloying sweet side.

Caramel Banana Sorbet

For a sorbet, it actually tasted more like icecream and I went bananas over it!


Matters went downhill when the waffles were cooked too long and hinging on overcooked. These were served with both chocolate and salted caramel sauce - sometimes, less is more.

It is unfortunate that my third visit had to end on such a note, perhaps I will be back but definitely not in the near future. Teething problems, this place is far from. Rather they need to have a proper queueing system in check. Chaos, is not the best accompaniment for food worth queueing for.

The challenge now is finding another waffle and icecream place to fix my cravings!

Fat Cat Icecream Bar
416 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-25

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