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Bergs Burgers @ Haji Lane

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Thanks to the Aliwal Arts Festival which made me change dinner plans and we found ourselves at Bergs Burgers, in a row of unlikely cuisines - think Middle Eastern, Japanese and even Malay food. The kitchen was not the friendliest with the cashier waving us off in the name of "later" and "too busy".

The burgers come in two sizes, the small and Bergs size.


BFB ($17)
2 x Prime Beef Pattie, Streaky Bacon, Pineapple, Egg, Beetroot, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Edam Cheese, Aioli & Bergs Sauce


Audaciously known as the Big F***ing Burger, this promises an unforgettable meal of sin, sauce and satisfaction. The mess created could rival Carl's Junior and whilst the patties were well done, the rest of the rara in the burger was so gratifying, I certainly did not mind getting all my fingers dirty for this. Be warned that eating this unglamourously is a given since there is no way I could have fit the whole burger in my mouth in a single bite. Nothing to fault, just more of this greasy goodness please!


The Berg with Cheese ($
Prime Beef Pattie, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli & Bergs Sauce and your choice of Swiss, Brie or Edam cheese

A more mangeable cousin of the BFB, this was equally satisfying for me sans the chunk that BFB had. The Edam cheese was subdued but perfectly executed with the onions, lettuce, tomato and sauces. 


Salad that I would suggest giving a miss,  portions are measly as can be with a couple of iceberg lettuce, cheese and tomatoes thrown in - by the way this goes for for a song of $6.


Chips which came with the burgers as a top up. Who can resist thick fries? Not me, unfortunately.


Lemonade that packed double to zing and zang, loved the acidity and with a hic, the memorable ended. 

Bergs definitely warrants more than a visit - I have my eye on the lamb and chicken next!

Bergs Burgers
10 Haji Lane

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