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Shima @ Goodwood Park Hotel

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Special thanks to Leroy for the invite!


Shima is the other Japanese arm of Goodwood Park Hotel and they have been around since 1980 - to think I always thought it was just Tatsuya in the hotel. With more than 30 years behind them, Shima is set for a rebranded future - new furnishings and interior with a menu to warm our hearts this festive and chilly season.


Edamame for starters.


4 Sashimi Moriwase ($45)

Straight off their sashimi menu was 4 types of raw fish presented. Hirame was one of those fishes that I have not eaten before, well the thing about sashimi is - serve it fresh and they all taste good. It was the same for this platter. 


Wagyu fat was used to grease the pan.


US Prime Ribeye Sukiyaki Set ($80++)
The marbling made me drool though this may not have been the wagyu cut but with the right flipping and swishing around in the hotpot, I was served a delicious melt in the mouth strip of ribeye. Best consumed dipped in the raw egg soya sauce.

Mixed Vegetables
I love my greens as much as my meats, most of the platter was carefully curated by the chef - onions, mushrooms, tang o and carrots to make sure they all went well with the sweet broth.  


In house made broth. 


Bubble way, my hearty dinner. 


I dipped nearly most of my dinner in egg sauce, delicious much!


Seasonal Fruits

Expecting kyoho grape or even musk melon would be too much to ask for I suppose, fruits to finish off the meal!


Poached Salmon ($25++ for 100g portion)
Norwegian salmon poached and served with a "secret" sauce that has been tightly kept for the last 30 years. The salmon is evenly poached, maintainly a pretty orange throughout. I would love to dine at their teppanyaki counter someday, I was told that they have not changed the cast iron counters since day one. 
The experience at Shima was sincere and very homey, with the staff being there since day one too. It is rare these days to have such a loyal team behind them and I look forward to dining at the teppanyaki counter that has not been changed since day one!

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