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Made by LaurenJasmine @ Amoy Street


LaurenJasmine is a concept shop that I stumbled upon one afternoon - a cosy shophouse great for the following 3 things: eat. shop. daydream. Concept shops seem to be on the rise thesedays, to give diners or shoppers more reason to spend more time within one place.


The space is cleverly used for a coffee and cake counter and deeper within the store is a clothing shop.


Spot the names of the regulars.


Knicknacks for purchase.


My purchases came in a pretty paper bag!


The naming convention of cakes seem to be the same these days - I have spotted another carrot cake called 24 Karat too.

Their cakes come in either selfish or selfless sizes - selfish for sliced and selfless for whole cakes.


Hello Pandan ($2.90)

Pandan chiffon cake with crunchy apple slices sandwiched between. I found it odd, the spongey layers and apples did not quite make the cut for a delectable dessert. Poorly piped whipped pandan flavoured cream resulted in lacklustre piece of cake.


My Name is Earl ($6.50)

Chocolate tart infused with earl grey and a tart that fell apart so easily, I am not the greatest fan.

The two desserts tried were probably not the best of their rather rough bakes. I may get the caffeine addict to return for their coffees.

Made by LaurenJasmine
47 Amoy Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Aiyo..the 24 KARAT CAKE sounds so cheesy :P

    1. hahahahah yah i've seen this naming convention at a few bakeries already!