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Launch of Atrium Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Special thanks to Nicole for the invite! All images are provided by Holiday Inn Atrium. 

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium_Atrium Restaurant

The newly launched Atrium Restaurant replaces the Melting Pot Café, and has a totally revamped dining menu, with vibrant looking interiors to reflect the trendy and modern image that Holiday Inn wanted to portray. 

Holiday Inn SIngapore Atrium_Chef Chua Yew Hock

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium recently welcomed new Executive Chef Chua Yew Hock formerly from the Park Hotel Group. He has brought with him include his signature dishes: Mussel Otah- Otah, Curry Laksa, Assam Fish and Chilli Crab.

Atrium Restaurant - Mussel Otah Otah

The Mussel Otah-Otah is a definitely must have. The right balance of tangy spiciness with a subtle sweetness; Chef Chua makes a mean otah paste! I had a full plate of these.

Atrium Restaurant - Laksa 

Chef Chua is also known for his laksa. He even gave us his signature laksa paste for our own home cooking and I can’t wait to go back to try and make something with his paste. It’s not too heavy and rather fragrant, very good for weight conscious eaters who want the taste but not that much calories!

Atrium Restaurant - Asam Fish

Assam Fish has also the right tangy sourness that makes this dish a mouthwatering one. I recommend that you start off with this before trying the rest of the dishes to whet your appetite.

Atrium Restaurant - Chilli Crab

And what buffet is complete without crab, and this Chilli Crab is a very good one. This is a classic Singaporean-style Chilli Crab with a slightly sweet taste to it without being too spicy, so those of you who do not like very spicy food will find this very welcome. The mantou that comes with this is fried till golden brown but still very light and taste really great with the gravy. 

The buffet also boasts other healthier options if that’s what you are into, with a great selection of salad. It also includes local favourites that are staples at buffets. But what makes this buffet stand out is a dedicated kids’ section that includes their favourites: nuggets, and fries! (I also know this to be a favourite of mine, anyway!)

Atrium Bar 317

Do also look out for the upcoming Atrium Bar 317 that’s slated to open sometime in Dec this month! Expect a large selection of cocktails  and wine to keep your afternoons well watered and keep your conversations and meetings there happy!

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