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First Love Patisserie @ Raffles City

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First Love Patisserie lay claims over its Hokkaido origins, naming it a thousand layer crepe cake. It may have been around for longer than my obsession with Lady M first then Nadeje's but I was keen to check this out, regardless.


Signature Original Flavour Slice Cake

Well, I always trust the original to be the best of all flavours, at least it all started somewhere. I found this too heavy on cream and the layers of crepe cake were not that complementary with the cream despite claims that they use imported french vanilla. 



This stood out for all the right reasons - the belgian chocolate was not cloying, loved the bitter sweet after taste and best of all, so palatable.



In the running for a Halloween-kind of dessert with strawberry jam drizzled like blood.

Unless you are nursing a crepe cake craving so strong you had to kill someone, I say stick with Lady M for a local satisfaction. 

First Love Patisserie
Raffles City Basement

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  1. I prefer the original layer cake, but my husband loves the chocolate layer cake.