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The Bakery Chef @ Bukit Merah

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Neighbourhood bakeries have regained their stature at the rate that they are popping up every now and then. The latest to join (in my radar) is The Bakery Chef. Rainbow cakes are still very much in vogue these days and anywhere that sells one gets my interest piqued almost immediately.


Red Velvet Cheesecake ($5.80)

My first visit rendered me hapless when the last slice of rainbow cake was sold just before me. I opted for the very next best alternative, the red velvet cheesecake. I suppose rose swirled cakes were in vogue, as were ombre cakes and my red velvet cheese came in layers - a top layer of condensed milk frosting with moist red velvet cakes and then a cheese mousse layer that was indifferent to the other layers.

I have had better and this was a case of a mismatch.


Rainbow Cake ($5.80)

This came in 2 different flavours, vanilla and chocolate. Gluttony would have it that I had to give both a try.

I finally get the fuss about rainbow cake. All in not just a pretty looking and very photogenic cake but the layers - so moist, light, fruity and they were not artificially coloured. Major plus points for that since most of the cakes out there are the same flavour and coloured differently. Even the non sweet tooth was sold, the level of sweetness was just right.

Have I found the best? Yes, I really think so.

The Bakery Chef
#01-3711, 161 Bukit Merah Central

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