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Sunday High Tea @ Anti:dote Bar, Fairmont Singapore

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At some point of time I was all over high teas and then it some how dwindled off until recently, the fever has picked up on its own.


Anti:dote has a 4 tier high tea set available daily, 3-5pm. Three menus up for selection; Anti:dote, Oriental and Regal (which comes with a glass of champagne and a different starter). I had to go for signature of course.


A jewelry box with drawers was served and topped with layers of savoury and sweet.


The Anti:dote black truffle scrambled eggs


Served in a porcelain egg, the truffle shaving was a luxe topping on the humble scrambled egg.


Sandwiches were the only form of savoury in this high tea and the mistake we made was to indulge in all the savoury and get a high from the sugars thereafter. A wiser choice would be to eat savoury and sweet alternately. 

Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviar 

Anything smoked salmon tastes good and this was not an exception.


Boston lobster roll, herb mayonnaise

My first lobster roll albeit a really smallish one. Mostly sweet, creamy with diced lobster.

Cucumber and dill salad, cream cheese

This is one such sandwich combination that cheats the mind - vegetables yes but with a ton of cream.

Prosciutto, onion jam, aged cheddar

Save this savoury one for the last - aged ham and cheddar can only go so right.

Coronation curried chicken

Mildly spicy, good in a sandwich but if it were a mains, more spice would be preferred.


Petit Sweets are usually fawned over during a buffet because of their mere size but very often get overlooked too in the essence of a lack of stomach space.

Strawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearl

Pretty to look at but fell short in the taste department.

Apple delight, almond crumble

Deliciously crunchy, the apple jam was such a joy to eat.


Karukera chocolate mirror tart

Earl grey éclair

Slightly soggy but this french confectionery had a light pastry and creamy filling.

Anti:dote rum baba

As much as this is a supposed signature, I am not a fan of this overly soaked sponge topped with chantilly cream. Then again, I do not fancy rum babas much. Lack of a certain taste characteristic at least - mostly sweet and an alcoholic punch hits.


Lemon, basil pound cake

A light pound cake - pardon the pun but this was zesty and really addictive.  A lemon drizzle would have made it so fine delicious.

Warm raisin and candied ginger scones
Homemade strawberry jam, Devonshire clotted cream, lemon curd


The tipping point for these fluffy scones was actually the accompanying dips.


I loved lemon curd best, tart and was an oral treat for anything that was lathered on.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries

These make me as happy as lollies do, a healthier alternative to chocolate lollies.

Handmade Truffles

We spotted these at Equinox's buffet before - good things should be shared methinks but they were not extraordinary.


Cookies to take home just in case the drawers of food get too much and they were right, we could not finish these sugar dusted cookies. 


Mocha for the coffee addict, some pretty artwork could have been better.


Sweet Romance Tea
A flight of fancy, this sweet blend of decaffeinated black tea and red berries is accented with notes of raw vanilla bean. A blend to share with your loved one.

Freeflow of tea meant I can literally sit and try all the types of tea but that also meant wastage. Plus, the duration of the hightea would not allow tasting of more than 3 types of tea. Nonetheless, it is great to know that TWG is in partnership with Anti:dote and the range of teas is reasonably wide.


I loved how luxe this experience ended up - Narumi teapots and plates, cristofle knives...and the priciest of ingredients in dainty bites. Truly an afternoon not to be missed.


Anti:dote Bar
Fairmont Singapore

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