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Sunday Brunch @ Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Raffles City


We decided to check out Wooloomooloo's Sunday Brunch - a luxurious tummy bursting 5 courses. It is served from 1130am to 230pm and there is an option of top up of a bottle of Pol Roger Champagne for just $99++.


Eggs Benedict 
Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce, English Muffin

Everything was right except the temperature of the dish - lukewarm. The runny egg, toasty english muffin and milky hollandaise sauce even but I am not a fan of a dish served lukewarm.


Fried Hen's Egg
Hashbrown, Avocado, Tomato

Hen's egg is a uppity name for fried egg, I did not get the hashbrown, avocado and raw tomato combination though. Pretty to look at, for sure.


Lobster Bisque
Cognac, Lobster Bisque


This cognac infused broth was flavourful and thankfully not as fishy as most lobster bisques are and delve deep into the iron cast pot for that precious chunk of lobster. Delicious much.


Wooloomooloo Nicoise Salad
Olive tapenade, French Bean, Mustard Vinaigrette

A refreshing salad with seared tuna and a tangy dressing.


Trio of Oysters

Kilpatrick was a classic way of involving oysters, bacon, worchestershire sauce and onions. I give this a two thumbs up, the oysters were still juicy.


Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
Mustard Mayonnaise, Tartare Sauce, Tahitian Lime

With 'jumbo' in the description, the least I could have expected would be at least half my palm size but this was shaped so tiny, it might as well have been tiny crab cake. An ordinary lump with a trio of delectable sauces.


Beef Wellington
Australian Filet Mignon, Parma Ham, Foie Gras


My first beef wellington looking like a siew pau - loved the buttery crust, perfectly seared filet mignon and parma ham. I thought the foie gras was missing though.


Australian Grass Fed Filet Mignon
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on Vine, Watercress

A repeat of filet mignon, only bloodier and juicier with its medium rawness.


Take your pick of mustards.


Creamy Spinach

This had more cream than butter, somewhat disappointing.

French Fries

Too yellow but incredibly crunchy!


Wooloomooloo Cheesecake
Red berry Compote, Yogurt Sorbet

Cheesecake was deconstructed with a mousse and biscuit paired with a finger licking yummy yogurt sorbet. Perhaps the sorbet should have been the star of the dessert.


Wooloomooloo Lime and Lemon Pie
Italian Meringue, Orange Chips, Vanilla Tuille

My search for the awesomest lemon pie has finally brought me to THE pie. Crunchy biscuit base with a lemon and lime filling so delicious, sour desserts do work afterall and to top it off, a sticky sweet mess of perfectly piped meringue tips and torched. I cannot drool enough over it, best eaten and I am truly satisfied.

Brunch was luxurious and well paced though with hits and misses.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse
Raffles City

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