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Restaurant Week: Indo Cafe @ Scotts Road

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For this restaurant week, I only had time for one and we chose one that started off not so wildly popular but ended up sold out.


Indo Cafe at Scotts Road is one of those black white buildings that are not usually visited because of their distance away from the mass transport options and parking can be a nuisance if the compound is full. 


Trio of appetizers

The peranakan cuisine has a wonderful spread of appetizers and I was most interested to find out how they would modernize the classics. 

Mini Penang Otah with Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop

The level of spiciness worked for me for the otah in a spoon but the hokkaido scallop was an unnecessary adornment. It may have been better without. 

'Top Hat' Pastry Cups with Sweet Turnips and Crabmeat

Known otherwise as 'Kueh Pie Tee', fragrant crispy cups with equally delicious stuffing, the props of this beautiful appetizer went to the chilli that was fireworks worthy. 

Crispy Homemade Five Spice Meat Roll

I have never eaten ngoh hiang this way before, packed with so much meat and less of chestnuts and fillers. Can I have the whole roll already?


The condiments that are a must  eat with the appetizers!


Wholesome Duck Soup with Salted Preserved Mustard Green

In my Malacca travels, itek tim was a must try across all Peranakan restaurants that we step foot on. Indo Cafe did more than just justice to this classic dish, the pungency of the spices and richness of the ingredients that came together was pure magic. Loved all the elements and I was most excited about the mains which would seal the contentment for this meal.

These were clearly reheated with bits of clingwrap still left on the plates, not that it mattered if the food was bombastic.


Braised Pork Belly with Premium Dark Sauce

The seasoning seemed to have taken a back seat for the mains, with a very homecooked pork belly marinated with dark sauce. Unimpressive at first bite and it continued it mediocrity throughout.


Slowcooked Wagyu Beef Cheeks in Special Blend of Spices

Perhaps a wrong choice to pick given the braised meat we ordered did not do wonders to the meat, so did slow cooking. Two wrongs and I was already disappointed. The spices did not shine through this dish, unfortunately.


Chap Chye


Cardamom Milk Chocolate Mousse

Thankfully the chocolate mousse with a really light sponge cake did wonders to wrap up this Restaurant Week.

I am piqued to return for more of their appetizers, just not so sure about their mains.


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