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PoTeato @ Yong Siak Street


PoTeato specialises in potatoes - all forms of it, quite nearly. Hence a visit without trying fries could be the wrongest decision ever made.


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A clipboard food menu.

apple juice

beef burger

Cheesy Melt Beef Burger ($21)

I reckon this is PoTeato's best take on the menu. Adored the melted cheese and juicy patty.

Louisana Pork Ribs ($18)

The ribs were decent with a lovely bite, not the fall of the bone sort but it was just ordinary at best.


Teriyaki Grilled Salmon ($17)

more fries

Truffle Fries ($10)

The relentless search for truffle fries just like rainbow cake makes every sighting a must order. I love the fragrance but this also dissipated away rather quickly.

potato chips

Poteato Dippers ($10)

Skinned potato slices served with a side of nacho cheese dip and salsa. Quite unlike chips though, these were thicker and lost its crispiness after a while.


Caesar Salad

Because we needed greens, we had a salad. I suppose bacon does add a great deal of taste to a dish but really, nothing spectacular.

Average fare and I expected alot more from a potato specialist.

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