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Pontian Wanton Mee @ International Plaza

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Pontian Wanton Mee is one of those franchises that pop up almost everywhere that I have lost track which is the main flagship. Fact is, whether or not it's in a hawker center or food court or even a standalone, it is usually packed with so many people.

The great thing about dining there is - there are limited options and that saves the time for hemming and hawwing.


Wanton Mee Soup ($4)

Bland and well, just a soup noodle.

pontian wantan mee 

Wanton Mee ($4)

Ordering this was straight forward, just head to the counter with choice of sauces and it's done! I had it the true blue pontian way with chilli, ketchup and black sauce all at once. It was a tad too saucy and the noodles stuck together for the most part of the meal. 

Pontian Wanton Mee
International Plaza

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