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Mouth Restaurant Revisited @ China Square Central

This visit to Mouth actually happened not too long after the tasting and I was actually so impressed I returned for seconds. Certainly did not help that the Qoo10 promotion was still on. Pictures below are based on 6 pax portions, a stark difference from the 10 person tasting menu that I experienced.


The pickles that I loved so much was still the same, refreshingly crunchy and still as addictive!


Baked Suckling Pig

I would die for the whole pig to be presented but dream on really, when all there was was a hotplate of re-heated baked suckling pig - high on gameyness and barely as crispy as desired.


Early days sharks fin soup

The heart and tummy warming broth was as comforting as before and just so good!


Best eaten with fried wanton strips.


Nostalgia whole prawn

Crispy, oily toast with a fresh prawn on top - nothing to hate, all to love.


Braised trio sea treasure in abalone sauce


Sautéed asparagus w wild mushroom in truffle

As well done as the last, I love how truffle marries into any cuisine so well.


Sautéed basil grouper fish meat in 3 cup sauce

The portions for 6 were clearly way lesser than for 10 but the disparity was a tad huge. Instead of a full fish there were only fish fillets. This was however still tasty and had wok hei.


The small pot it came in.


HK Temple street claypot rice


Dousing my claypot rice with enough garlic and vinegar to make the breath smell. I reckon this is what makes their dish stand out.


Legendary Salted Egg Custard Bun

I love my dimsum anytime of the day, better still if it's available all day. Nothing beats ending the meal on a sweet note and what more if it's Singapore's best? Loved its crustiness and dense salted egg filling.

The above menu is no longer available online but has been replaced with the timed Hairy Crab Feast till Mid December!

Mouth Restaurant
22 Cross Street #01-61
China Square Central
South Bridge Court Shop House

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