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Milk & Honey @ Bedok

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milk and honey

I hardly venture into the neighbourhoods for icecream somehow, and that night was so random - I actually saw this before but did not attempt even with burgeoing crowds outside.

Milk and Honey Gelato, a straight forward moniker selling gelato and waffles.


Sharing is caring, so says their menu.


The full menu - someday I will be back to try the rest!


Shy Green Nut ($4.20)


In short, pistachio icecream in a shade that we are not familiar with. Somehow, the green that we have been seeing around is a food dye, and not the natural shade of ground pistachios - according to the gelato master that we chanced upon during our gourmet food tour in Rome.  So then, they had the first thing done right, the shade of pistachio gelato. Creamy and I loved the nutty gritty after taste and best of all it had chocolate chip blended in, two thumbs up! I adore how light this gelato tastes, without any of the heavy cream taste.

I could have found a mini Italy in our sunny island. No wonder the crowds now.

Milk and Honey Gelato
86 Bedok North Street 4

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