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Menya Sanji Ramen @ Orchid Hotel

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This is the second ramen shop to open at Orchid Hotel and the queues are not less forgiving despite being at least 5 shops away from Keisuke's. Ramen competition is indeed hot in the area with Hakata Ikkousha's just opposite the road.

spicy veg

I seem to think that complimentary appetizers are part of the ramen eating experience. Instead of the usual bean sprouts, there is marinated vegetables here. Barely spicy for a true blue Singaporean, just an ant's bite worth of spice if I had to give it a level.


Signature Ramen, Side of Rice ($12++)


There was no option for doneness for noodles, under normal circumstances I would have preferred it harder. It was on the soggy side for me, easy to slurp though. Flavourful broth peppered with enough taste for me to finish the broth. There were 2 different cuts of chashu in the dish as well.


The mini bowl of diced chashu and teriyaki sauce was a hearty end. Delicious pearls of Japanese rice with the tasty drizzle - simple happiness in a bowl.

Portions are good for two if not one hungry eater would suffice. 

It was one scorching afternoon in jeans when I chose to eat this - I would suggest staying in queue for a place indoors so as to enjoy ramen in comfort.

Menya Sanji Ramen
#01-14, Orchid Hotel

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