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九猫久 Hotpot @ PoMo

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Special thanks to ICS Catering for the invite!


Jiu Mao Jiu specialises in authentic Szechuan Cuisines and their trained chefs were flown in for this restaurant.Szechuan Cuisines is considered as one of the top 8 cuisines in the China, and this cuisines is widely a favourite in the world.


The row of condiments for DIY sauce bar.


His very complex combination of sauces.


My very much simpler chillies and soya sauce.


A clever way of presenting the menu with markers.


The spread we had.


Unique to their menu is Pagoda Steamboat which comprises of 4 layers, 
First Tier – Steamboat (Taste the freshness of the ingredients with our Chef’s brewing of the soup base)

The soup varieties to choose from aplenty and we picked those close to heart, Ma La and Japanese Curry of course. Between the two, the former has a lip biting spice-sation but the Japanese curry was child's play in comparison.


Marinated meat for BBQing.

Second Tier – BBQ (Try our Speciality Jiu Mao Jiu’s marinated ingredients)

Butter is furnished for a steamy oil popping affair - I do suggest frying pork belly for a delicious DIY sio bak! I risked the oil splattering everywhere though but it was well worth the attempt. 

Third Tier - Warmer (Maintain the texture of the ingredients without losing the heat)

This is pretty amazing, for food to be kept warm whilst the barbequeing continues. 

Top Tier – Steam 

This spells perfect for the healthier companions. The restaurant suggests vegetables or meats for a steamy meal. I do caution against the heat generated from the steamer though, it is hot enough to scald.


Fried rice paradise is found in their humble Yang Chow Fried Rice, every grain is fluffy and packs wok hei. This definitely does not lose out to the cantonese or japanese, and at $5, it is a complete steal!


On top of the hotpot buffet that goes to the tune of $25, the chef also dishes out ala carte stir fry and Mala Xiang Guo (麻辣香锅)


Snow Beer, a very light and smooth beer!


Jia Duo Bao, the china equivalent of our Jia Jia Liang Teh and the main sponsor of The Voice China! Honestly does not taste very different from the Liang Teh that I am familiar with, infact, very similar!


Flower Tea

This pot of tea started with a ball of blooms that slowly opened up to a gorgeous flower. Not much of a taste, just pretty to look at.

九猫久  Hot Pot
1 Selegie Road #01-16 POMO Shopping Mall

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  1. Hi I've never seen anything like this "Pagoda Steamboat" before.... WOW!!
    The sauces looks great!
    Thanks for the review!