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Gerry's Grill @ Starhub Center

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gerry's grill

Not to be confused with Jerry's Grill at Club Street, Gerry hails from the Philippines. They have outlets all over the world, including USA and Qatar even.


Pork Sisig ($10.95)

This apparently is a latecomer in the food scene in Philippines and since then has been a staple at most restaurants, says the Filipino companion. He explained this as meat from the Pig's head whilst the restaurant identifies it as pork cheek. I found it a well flavoured hot plate of diced meat and onions, tasty yet oily.

grilled octopus

Grilled Squid ($14.95)
The squid was fresh and hovered over eet tasting due to the sauces.


Grilled Pork ($9.95)

I call this the filipino version of satay. The stick of meat goes on for nearly forever and unlike the soft meat used in satay, these had a lot more bite, almost like pork collar.

braised chicken

Chicken Pork Adobo ($10.45)

A braised dish that was too salty.

garlic rice

Garlic Rice ($1.70)

I liked the balance of garlic in this dish.

rice noodle

Palabok ($7.45)

A rice noodle dish served with prawn paste, fried shallots and egg. It reminded me of mee siam in thicker consistency. Delicious actually despite the starchyness.

mix mix

Halo-Halo ($4.45)

Loosely translated as "mix-mix", it was supposed to be yam icecream on top of shaved ice and all the lovely things that go into a milkshake glass. Then, it ended up vanilla icecream with the ingredients of ice kachang.

The filipino kampung spirit was truly felt when there was a loud 'thud' and a birthday song broke out. The staff chorussed in their version of Happy Birthday. This is a casual joint largely patronised by filipinos with decent food, at least certified authentic by the filipino campanion.

Gerry's Grill
Starhub Center

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  1. ohhh.. you should have the crispy pata the next time. that is the bomb! the portions look slightly different from the ones i was served in Boracay though.

    1. yes i saw your IG!! i'd think those in boracay are more authentic then...