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Crab in Da Bag @ Big Splash

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Seafood has taken a modern spin these days, I will not say that the days of the chilli crab are over but discerning diners are more receptive towards refreshing interpretations of seafood.


Crab in Da Bag is one of those places that encourages communal dining with their first in Singapore Caboodle Boil, a show-stopping Southern Louisiana seafood boil that is poured on to the table for diners to enjoy.


Miniature Crab in Da Bag. 


I love the colours used in the restaurant. 

There are two portions to this, the Titanic (3-4 pax) and Gigantic (6-8 pax) and we gamely opted for Titanic comprising of a Boston Lobster, 2 Sri Lankan Crabs, King Crab Legs, Yabbies, Tiger Prawns, Venus Clams, Sausages, Corn on Cob, Potatoes, Lemons and Onions.


The calm before the mess. 


Tools for destruction. 


Dips available include the fingerlicking yummy Malaysian Sambal Dip, Thai Green Bird Dip and Louisana Garlic Butter Dip. I blame my Asian roots for loving the sambal dip best, gives everything a punch.


So then everytime a Caboodle Boil leaves the kitchen the crew chorus "Ahoy!" amidst the string of words that they say but I fail to catch. And the tub gets toppled on the table for diners to eat with their fingers.


I suppose the downside of having food spewed out like that means the last shell standing would be eaten cold.


I loved the freshness of the lobster, crabs and yabbies. Yabbies are somewhat like the big head prawns we eat in Bangkok, super delicious and spewing with prawn roe. Slurping up the yabbie head shells were cholesterol rocketing but oh-so-divine!

Truth be told, I scoffed at the potatoes, corn and sausages, labelling them as "cheap food" but boy, they tasted so good! The juiciness of the sausages, sweetness of the buttered corn and last but not least the blandness of the potatoes made the meal so hearty.

At $299++ for the Titanic, it certainly is not your average run of the mill meal but one that is a treat. If this does not entice you, maybe their ala carte sea food items will.

Crab in Da Bag
Big Splash

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