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Turkish Airlines - The way to fly in Turkey

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walk up

Turkish Airlines was the preferred airline to fly domestic but it was definitely not a budget carrier. Like the rest of the flights that we took around Greece and Turkey, it all began with walking up the flight of stairs into the plane.

We had flights ranging from 45 minutes to slightly over an hour and we were served adequate meals which was surprising for me since in Asia, a 45 minute flight would get me juice at best.

turkish airline food

We were all dished out lunch boxes like these.


A salad of olives and tomatoes.

cheese sandwich

Feta cheese sandwich that tasted really food miles up in the air. I have to admit the thick chunk of feta cheese was really pleasing to the tum and appetite.

For the return flight from Ephesus to Turkey, the meal was slightly different. 


Homemade almond cake that I liked so much, I snitched the hubba's one as well.


Olive oil and beans, I am enjoying baked beans in different light these days.


Chicken sandwich that was certainly better than feta cheese. Hearty cold sandwich!

Seconds of the gluttony.

Impressive kind of stress Turkish airlines imposes on their attendants with the food that they dish out - I remember having these during a United Airlines flight to Hongkong and mind you, I had my meals thrown at me. The same food on a 3 hour flight and 1.5 hour flight with better service, well done Turkish Airlines!

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