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Pontini @ Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Special thanks to Jennifer and Shawn for the invite!


Pontini has launched a brand new menu and amongst which is an all new Italian Buffet on Saturdays and Public Holidays.


The buffet comprises of an antipasti spread, a selection of main course, pastas, pizzas and a delectable dessert spread. Chef Daniele Sarno aims to bring diners on an oral road trip through this buffet with all ingredients airflown from Italy - including water, which is a key ingredient in the pastas and pizzas.


Buffet starts here.


Cured Scottish Salmon on a platter looking like art.


Cheeses galore!


Homemade bread and the variety of dips.


Dessert corners always make the heart skip a beat.


Chocolate cake with macarons, these were so pretty and colourful.


Chocolate pear tarts!


Spotted the display of truffles!


The whiff of black truffle is empowering indeed, so earthy and delicious.


White truffles anyone?


Classic Italian wild mushroom creamy soup

My idea of a good wild mushroom soup would be one that is rich with mushrooms, not too earthy but leaves a milky aftertaste. Many a time, most mushroom soups are watered down and 


Baked butternut squash, crab meat and black truffle tapenade

A personal favourite of the table's worth - the crab meat shavings are divine!

Home-cured Scottish Salmon platter, fennel salad, green apple, accompanied with  condiments

Presented in cubes, these were easy to eat and possibly the sassiest presentation to date, apart from the oh-so-boring laying out flat. Fennel salad and green apples provided much merry making in the mouth.

Marinated and grilled Portobello mushroom with sweet chilli and arugula salad

Another of those understated appetisers that are worth the while.

For a taste of Tuscany, tease your taste buds with Tuscany style marinated octopus, chick peas and green asparagus salad. The octopus was sliced so thin, delightful to eat with the myriad of vegetables.


The assorted Italian cold cuts served with candied fruit mustard, sweet onion and sour chutney and grain mustard provide a lovely combination of sweet, tangy and savoury flavours while the radicchio, pear, Gorgonzola cheese salad and aged balsamic vinegar is sure to excite the palates of cheese lovers.


Homemade bread and a spread of butter is guaranteed to set the stage for a tummy rocking meal.


Piedmont style braised beef brisket, potato fondant in herbs gravy

I found this on the bland side with sinewy beef chunks.


Chicken thigh 'Diavola', spicy capsicum and tomato sauce with dried oregano

Loved the combination of greens, which uplifted the dish by heaps.


Oven-baked Norwegian salmon mignon in pistachio crust

Herb crusted fish and I seem to find some form of comfort as much as fish and I are not the best of friends. The pistachio crust was delectable and was able to mask any fishyness that usually plagues most fish types - overall a job well done and I enjoyed it tremendously.


Also new on the menu that very Saturday was Barramundi, I prefer this fish for his flaky texture, oilyness and how it goes well be most vegetables.

The portions of the mains are actually great for one - just nice in fact.

The pizzas had a tomato and mozzarella cheese base and the ingredients piled on are entirely up to your imagination. I say have your fun in pairing the ingredients - truly, how bad can a freshly baked pizza be in the hands of an Italian chef?





We ate and ate and ate, I cannot find a favouritest one of all.

Pastas were mostly made in house and diners can choose from tagliolini, tagliatelle or penne.


Fresh tomato fondue with basil and Tagliolini


"Roman" style carbonara Tagliatelle


Wild mushrooms, pancetta, pine nuts and parmesan cheese and Tagliolini


"Genovese" style basil peso sauce and Tagliolini


I loved how their pastas are handmade in house and the density of the noodles were light. Flavours are certainly tweaked for the local palette - roman carbonara for one had cream added for a richer taste and mushroom bacon pasta reminded me of an upscale version of bak chor mee.


The range of desserts include a table of treats and a live station that changes every week! I was told the week before they had cannolis and this week we had crepes.


Chef at work!


Freshly made on the spot.


Decorated and presented.


Do save space for their other desserts which would please any sweet toothed diner!


Do not forget to give their mocktails a try, Vanilla Lemonade was worth two glasses full of zestyness and gave the usual lemonade a softer and mellow end.


Are you able to guess what went into this mocktail? Cucumber and raspberry!

I find this a great option to kickstart the weekend, infact, this is one of the few Italian Lunches available in town.The Italian buffet lasts from 12-3pm and is priced at $48++ for adult, $24++ for child. Mark your calendars today before the word gets out!

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

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