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Pelican Seafood Grill Revisited @ One Fullerton

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Back at Pelican because I craved the Snapper Pie to bits - and the Great Pelican Boil but the company were not fabulously over the moon with the crustaceans hence I had to can the idea.


The all too familiar and terribly scrummilicious bread with unsalted butter. Rely on this for comfort when the wait gets trying for the Snapper Pie - takes approximately 20 minutes if the chefs are in tiptop mood and skill.


For the dainty, seared seabass with all the juices locked in so gorgeously - I may consider turning Pescetarian just for Pelican Seafood Grill.

tuna steak

Ever met a fish chunk so bulky that it can pass off as the red meat giants? Here is tuna steak with a beautiful sash of beans.

blue cheese spinach

Blue cheese and spinach, healthy is definitely not on the index in this fork licking delicious number.

snapper pie

Snapper Pie ($38)

Friends and family can attest to how much I do not appreciate fish as much I do for beef, pork, lamb, mutton and even chicken. So having ranked it so far down in the ladder of preference, I actually fell so deeply and hopelessly in love with this.

The layer of crust is so thick and flaky, I can almost cry out of gratitude to the chef who finally understood the real meaning of pie. Thick, buttery and chewy all at once.

snapper slurp

I shamelessly created a mess on the table trying to weed out the fresh boneless fillet in midst of the creamy broth.

It was gratifying, and worth all the calories packed into a single pie. Man food, truly and I am already drooling for the next visit.


One of the reasons why I love One Fullerton so much is the priceless view without pricey meals. My oh my Singapore, you are so beautiful.


And I let the cat out of the bag - they have a view of the fireworks so awesome that I wish I had better shots of the displays that we were treated to.


Spray after spray, they do cost some hideous sums of money don't they?


Colourful ones that got me all excited.

fireworks 3

One of my favourite shots.

fireworks 4

As I ponder if I should make that August 9 booking at Pelican, the other rehearsal dates sound just as enticing too. Snapper pie, me, love of the life and a priceless fireworks display.

While National Day came and went and I never made it back for the fireworks display, I returned for the snapper pie that was constantly bugging me.


A different seat this time. 

tuna steak

A dressed down Tuna Steak as compared to the last attempt. The chunkiness still remained.

clam linguine

Double Atlantic Linguine and Clams ($58)
Garlic, chilliflakes, white wine

Mediocre I'd say, the noodles were simply tossed in white wine and clams. No fire works, no surprises, something I may be able to replicate in my own kitchen.


Broccolini and Lemon Butter ($12)

Buttered greens for the quota.

snapper pie

Snapper Pie ($40)

They have since upped the prices from my last visit.


I was digging into my freshly baked butter pie for a justification of the $2 price increase. I suppose all increases need to be justified.

snappe pie

The deeper I delved, the amount of snapper was visibly lesser and while all else remained the same, I was somewhat disappointed. This used to be one dish that drool over countless times. It is still a good snapper pie but something was missing amidst the price hike.

My experiences with Pelican Grill have been pleasant to date, they try to be warm and accomodating and food has been above average. Perhaps more of their seafood platters next?

Pelican Seafood Grill
One Fullerton

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