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Mado Cafe @ Istanbul

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Turkish Icecream in Singapore is an experience. Unlike the rest of the icecream parlours, this involves a bit of trickery involved, lots of clinging and clanging and usually a cheeky man in a turban trying to get you to get annoyed with the theatrics. $2 for amusement, it is quite a cheap thrill.

I made it a point to visit Mado, founded in 1850 and now has more than 250 cafes and restaurants all over the world. Call it uniquely Turkish and a brand to call their own, I have not visited the Singapore branch but I'm reviewing it in its motherland.


This particular cafe was along Sultanamet, very near Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Sweet treats fill every nook and cranny of this cafe, and every thing Turkish related you can find.


I was fixated on just one thing though.


This Turkish man, unlike the ones I have encounted in Singapore, did not make me go through all the hoolabaloo with the icecream. Taste all I want and then scoop.


Cream and Pistachio all in one cone to the tune of 4.5 TL, and savoured in the chilly temperatures of 12 degree celsius - I'd say it was as much of a brain freeze as gelato in Italy. Chewy and sticky but the flavours were so rich! I wonder how many pounds of pistachios were grounded for this icecream. The cream version was also really good - I already sound like I'm hyperventilating over icecream, yes you read right.


It was so good, I had to squeeze in another scoop on my very last day. Chestnut was a tad sweet and less outstanding than the pistachio though.

I'm loving the icecream and the fussfree purchase experience, a definite must try in Turkey!


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