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Lokanta Maya @ Istanbul

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We had almost given up hope on finding really good Turkish cuisine in Turkey and thank goodness for our honeymoon photographer, Mariah and her trusty guide that pointed us to Lokanta Maya.

Open since May 2010 in Karaköy, Lokanta Maya is set on  offering flavorful dishes made from local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Lokanta Maya’s dynamic menu reflects this ideal, changing between lunch and dinner, from one day to the next, from one season to the other.

Although the majority of dishes on the menu are inspired from Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines, the menu is varied enough to include specialties from other regions of Turkey. The menu attempted was in May and by the time this entry goes out, would probably not be in season.

Travel Istanbul 001

It was a terribly late lunch at 3pm and thank goodness they had not pulled down their shutters for dinner preparation yet.

Travel Istanbul 002

The first time in the trip, I actually thought the Turks can do awesome bread.

Zucchini Fritters, Coriander Yogurt Sauce (16 TL)

Tasty fried stuff, these vegetarian fritters may have been in the running for the next best alternative to crab cakes.

Travel Istanbul 004 

Homemade Roastbeef Salad with Tulum Cheese (24 TL)
A salad meant for a carnivore, brilliant balance of greens and meats. Best of all, delicious.

Travel Istanbul 008

Veal Liver, Sorrel Salad with Onion Pickle (28 TL)

Veal liver was easy to love with the way it was executed, nary the gameyness and it tasted well like grilled meat.

Travel Istanbul 007

Artichoke and Veal Stew with Fennel (TL 26)

Artichoke is hardly that available in this part of the world and it was interesting to have it in a stew dish. Acquired, methinks.

Travel Istanbul 005

Roasted Leg of Lamb Pappardelle (30 TL)

Handmade pasta in Turkey sounded strange to me already but they do really good pasta, as do the Greeks. Flavourful and tender lamb with pappardelle of chewy consistency. I was almost fooled they had an Italian Chef lurking in the kitchen.

I wish we had more time in Turkey after sussing this place out, looks like Lonely Planet is not all about commercialised places sometimes.

All photography done by Mariah Hedrengren.

Lokanta Maya
Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mh., Kemankeş Cd No:35, Beyoğlu, Turkey

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